Ways Jealousy Can Ruin a Relationship

Jealousy is a negative emotion, which can do more harm than good to the relations between two people in love. The feeling signifies that trust and mutual understanding are missing.

Very moderate amounts of jealousy can somehow tighten the bond between two people but in most cases this sentiment causes alienation and distance.

What are the ways jealousy can ruin a relationship? There are several significant negative developments we need to discuss right now.

Ways Jealousy Can Ruin a Relationship: Indicating Lack of Trust

Jealousy signifies suspiciousness on behalf of a partner and there are several causes for it. Though the case is quite different, people who are in a relationship with a jealous person feel misunderstood and scrutinized all the time.

In fact, jealousy is the fear of loss and being alone. People who exhibit this sentiment lack trust in their own ability to maintain a healthy relationship or have suffered betrayal in the past. Jealousy reflects on internal insecurities and doubts.

Still, the partner of a jealous person starts feeling the lack of belief in their loyalty, a truly painful sensation. Knowing that your closest person has doubts about your monogamy can increase the distance between the two of you.

Trust is of key importance for relationship evolution and once it is missing, the situation becomes rather complex.

The Link between Jealousy and Abuse

Jealousy can result in psychological, sometimes even physical abuse. A jealous person could start following a partner, monitoring phone calls and going through e-mail and chat communication.

A partner will soon start suffocating due to the lack of personal space. Jealousy could gain control over each aspect of a relationship. Someone who feels jealous would do their best to accompany their loved one all the time.

Jealousy results in possessiveness. Someone who feels jealous would want their partner all for themselves. In extreme cases, people could be jealous of friends, hobbies and all activities that presuppose some alone time.

A Distorted Perception of the Relationship

Further, jealousy leads to accusations. The belief that someone is cheating will soon transform itself into an accusative verbal statement.
The feeling of jealousy affects the manner in which a person perceives reality. Innocent occurrences could be analyzed and linked in a manner as to signify cheating.

A jealous person will suspect everything and everyone. A woman who is jealous will fear the friends of the man she loves, the time he spends watching sports, his ex-girlfriends and colleagues. A jealous man dislikes the manner in which others look at his girlfriend or wife. Everyone potentially threatens the relationship, or so does a jealous person think.

Could Jealousy Ever Be Beneficial?

Small expressions of jealousy could make the bond between two people stronger and more passionate, as long as the feeling remains within the reasonable limits.

Exhibiting some degree of jealousy could flatter the person you love – you consider them way too attractive and irresistible. Most people find small signs of jealousy to be sexy and seductive.

Yet, if left uncontrolled, the feeling can seriously harm a relationship. The accusation and lack of trust can insult and hurt the person you love. In such cases, therapy and consultation with an expert are needed to determine what causes jealousy and what needs to be done. Otherwise, a jealous person risks losing a partner.

Take Charge of Your Relationship

A proactive approach is required to find and enjoy relationship happiness.

You need to have a clear idea of what you’re looking for and where you could find you.

The process starts with self-awareness.

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