Best Ways to Deal with Cyberbullying


Best Ways to Deal with Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is growing all the time and the number of victims is increasing. According to the Cyberbullying Research Center, victimization rates have increased from 18.8 percent in 2007 to 33.8 percent in 2016. Data for 2016 suggests that 33.8 percent of kids aged 12 to 17 have been the victims of cyberbullying. Many children complain of harassment in the form of e-mail, abusive remarks sent via messengers or insults posted in social media profiles. The fact that cyberbullying can affect every child is something to worry about. Parents should get actively involved, teaching children how to deal with cyberbullying and how to react in the case of an insult. There are many ways to deal with cyberbullying, some of them delivering much better results than others.

Dealing with cyberbullying can be relatively easy, especially if the child remembers how to act without panicking or feeling hurt. This article lists the main ways to deal with cyberbullying. A simple ignore is likely to work most of the time, but if it fails producing results other strategies can be used to handle the situation. Here are the best ways to deal with cyberbullying and reduce its impact on your health and your psychological wellbeing.

Ignore the Bully

Ignoring all cyberbullying attempts is likely to cool off the bully’s enthusiasm to harass. Cyberbullies are usually people who lack the strength and courage to face somebody in real life. Act as if the offensive message or posting does not exist. By keeping your online behavior unchanged and taking no notice of what is going on, the bully will soon move on to someone else and leave you alone. Most bullies will expect a reaction from you.

Block Access

Blocking a bully’s access to your messaging account or to your Facebook profile is another effective method that can be used. If someone uses a specific channel to communicate insults, simply cut off that person’s access to the specific channel. Keep on blocking the bully until the desire to harass you minimizes and disappears. You might have to deal with a number of cyberbullying attempts (utilizing different profiles or online channels) but chances are that the bully will eventually get tired and bored.

Contact a Website’s Administrator

If offensive messages appear in specific websites, blogs or forums, the wisest action to undertake will be contacting the administrators. Present the situation and ask website administrators to delete the insulting messages and to eventually block the cyberbully, especially if harassment attempts continue.

Report to a Parent or a Person of Authority

Sometimes, your actions will be insufficient to deal with a cyberbully. The person could be too persistent or maybe excessively arrogant to handle all alone. In case you have difficulties dealing with cyberbullying on your own, address parents, teachers or any other authoritative individual. Such people will know what to do and how to end the harassment attempts.

Stop Using the Specific Website

Some bullies focus their activities within certain websites or forums. If you are the victim of a website-specific cyberbullying attempt, it will be wisest to stop visiting the specific website for a certain period of time. Forget about the website’s existence. If you fail to respond, the bully will lose interest. Once the situation cools down, you can return to your usual online behavior.

Keep Track of Cyberbullying

Saving abusive messages and other types of offense can be very useful. Create a separate folder on your computer where you can store everything that you receive from a cyberbully. Keeping track and saving the insults can serve as evidence, in case the person is identified.

Remember to stay unaffected. If you get hurt or insulted, a cyberbully has achieved success. Do your best to be impartial. Bullies are usually cowards. Cyberbullies are even more so. Maintain your composure and undertake adequate actions. If you show that you are strong and indifferent enough, cyberbullying attempts will soon end.