Parental Control and Teen Internet Safety

Parental Control and Teen Internet SafetySome parents feel uneasy about monitoring teen and child internet usage. Yet, exercising some control will be vitally important for teen internet safety. Parents often wonder why they need to monitor teen internet usage. Parental control can increase safety and help your teenager establish healthy web surfing habits.

A number of dangers jeopardize teen internet safety. As a parent, you have to be aware of those and the manner in which they put your child at risk.

Predators and Child Pornography

The web world gives people anonymity, which they often use with malicious intentions. These individuals can easily get in touch with children via chat programs and social media websites.

Predators use fake identities to communicate with children and to gain their trust. They could easily lure children in sharing photographs or even meeting them in person. The dangers of such encounters are obvious.

Make sure that your child understands the dangers of web communication. Teach your teenager to never trust strangers or people who claim to be their online friends. They should never agree to a meeting and should consult you in cases of uncertainty.

Access to Inappropriate Content

Children are curious. They want to find out everything about the world, especially about topics that remain hidden.

Internet is an excellent tool in terms of information provision. If you exercise no control, your child could soon be viewing pornographic sites or other web pages tat contain explicit information and inappropriate content.

Many websites feature graphic images and violence that should never be seen by young individuals.

Teen Internet Safety and Cyber Bullying

Your child could easily become the victim of cyber bullying.

Cyber bullies use social media, chat programs and other online methods to harass a specific individual. Their victims usually suffer repeated assaults via numerous communication channels.

Nobody is safe from cyber bullying but it can especially affect the young mind of a teenager. The trauma can remain with your child for a long period of time. Your help and preventive practices are needed to keep your child safe from cyber bullies.

Sharing Personal Information

If their online activities remain unmoderated, children could share inappropriate personal information online.

Sharing pictures with strangers, providing their phone number and address are just several ways that could threaten your child. All these reveal personal information that will make it easy for malicious individuals to find out where your child lives or studies.

Teach your child to protect personal data. Giving out addresses or uploading somehow inappropriate pictures should never take place.

Web Addiction

Internet usage is very addictive. Children are especially vulnerable. Once they become dependent on web communication, they will discover pleasure in no other activity.

Your child’s browsing time should be limited. Only several hours for web surfing should be available per day. Make sure that your child gets involved in other activities like sports, going out with friends and watching movies.

Parents should monitor internet usage by teens and younger children in an attempt to boost teen internet safety. The advice and knowledge of adults can help children stay away from traps and dangers that lurk online. Even if you feel uneasy about it, you have to exercise control in order to keep your child safe.