Tampon Use: The Most Important Benefits

Tampon Use: The Most Important Benefits

Many women have difficulties deciding whether to to go for tampon use or pads. Each of the two has its benefits and disadvantages.

Tampon use has various advantages related to comfort and security. Though some risks are associated to their usage, proper positioning and following recommendations strictly can increase their efficiency and safety.

These are the main reasons to choose and use tampons over pads.

Tampon Use Comes with Comfort

Many women feel more comfortable wearing a tampon. If inserted properly, it cannot be sensed.

A pad can cause irritation and unpleasant feelings. No such discomfort is associated to the usage of tampons. They are soft, usually made of cotton or silk and anatomically-shaped. When you place the tampon, you can confidently forget about its existence.

Smaller Chance of Leakage

The chance of leakage is minimal, especially if the tampon has been inserted in the vagina correctly.

A pad can leak much more than a tampon can. Most women wear both to maximize benefits or if they have excessively strong menstrual bleeding.

Choosing the correctly-sized tampon is going to provide a lot of reliability. The tampon fits the vagina, disabling any blood from leaking through. This is why so many women prefer tampons and consider those a much more reliable form of protection than the pad.

Compatible with All Kinds of Underwear

You might have difficulties wearing your sexy lingerie during your period, if you use pads.

Tampons allow you to wear all types of lingerie, since it is not fixed to your panties.

If your pants force you to wear a g-string, a tampon will be the best option. It cannot be seen and will not affect negatively your outfit and silhouette. If you want to feel comfortable in your clothes, select tampons over pads.


Let us face the facts – the usage of a tampon leaves you feeling much cleaner and fresher than the usage of a pad.

The usage of the pad leads to some mess. The usage of a tampon will allow you to feel cleaner.

Tampon Use is Great for Swimming

A tampon can be used even when you are dressed in nothing but a swimsuit.

Even better, a tampon allows you to swim and enjoy the sea or the swimming pool even during your period. This is probably one of its biggest advantages, making it the best option during your summer holiday.

A Few Words of Caution

Though the usage of a tampon is associated to several advantages, you should be aware of the risk associated to it.

Tampon usage is rarely associated to Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). If a woman fails replacing the tampon every several hours, it will turn into a breeding ground for bacteria.

Women, who suffer from vaginal inflammations, should refrain from using tampons. They increase the risk of infection.

Remember that silk tampons are less healthy than the ones made of cotton. Cotton is a natural absorbing fabric. Silk tampons are easier to position but they start breeding bacteria faster and increase the chance of infection.