The Most Typical Signs of True Love from a Man

The Most Typical Signs of True Love from a ManSometimes, blinded by love and the strong feelings that control us, we fail seeing the obvious. Women are usually good at reading signs, but we could find it difficult deciphering the little signals that show if a man is in love.

A man in love is usually good in demonstrating these sentiments. If you understand male psychology and behavior, you will be able to tell if it is just a flirt or if it has turned into something deeper. Here are some of the most typical signs of true love from a man.

Spending Incredibly Long Amounts of Time Together

The two of you spend large portions of the day together. When you are away, he calls you often to hear your voice and to make sure that you are ok.

If he is interested in purely a flirt, he will never bother spending time with you, getting to know your interests, hobbies and beliefs. If a man invests some time in getting to know a woman, he is certainly falling in love.

A man who enjoys talking to you for hours is serious in his intentions. A man who enjoys your company, even if the two of you are just sitting silently and watching the sunset is in love.

Getting to Know Your Friends

A man in love will do everything possible to learn more about the woman that he has feelings for.

Someone who loves you will be glad to get acquainted with your friends. If he is purely interested in the physical side of your affair, he will refrain from spending time with your friends and company.

If your man is willing to get to know your girlfriends and relatives, if he takes the time to make a good first impression, if he wants to be seriously involved in your world then you can be sure that he loves you.

Introducing You to His Friends

If your man is ready to introduce you to his friends and if he is comfortable with affection displays in front of them, you can be certain that he is in love with you.

Men are generally uncomfortable about introducing ladies to their friends. They are afraid of criticism or disapproval. Men are strongly affected by the opinion of their friends. If he feels comfortable about getting you introduced to his friends, you can be certain that his feelings are strong and his intentions are serious.

Remembering the Small Things

He remembers the names of all your friends. He knows when your birthday is, how you drink your coffee, when you wake up in the morning and what types of books you like to read.

Men notice the tiny details about the women that they love. He will never study your behavior if he is just interested in sex or friendship with benefits.

Further, he seems to be charmed by each step that you take and each word that you say. He notices your new dress, the way your hair looks and the manner in which you smile. He knows the exact color of your eyes and the specific nuance of pink that your lips have. He is in love with you.

Sgns of True Love from a Man:  Protection and Support

A man in love will do his best to protect his lady. He will double check everything to make sure that she feels comfortable and happy.

A man in love is willing to listen to a woman and to offer support in cases that he would have otherwise remained neutral. He will find the time and will to listen to long stories, to wipe away tears and to offer a strong supportive shoulder.

When a man is in love, he often feels the need to turn into a guardian responsible for the well-being of his woman.

Saying ‘I Love You’ Out Loud

The easiest way to know that your man is in love is to hear it from his lips. A man is willing to say “I love you” only when he truly means it. Naturally, some men are good actors and could use these words to lure a woman into falling for them but most are afraid of the gravity that these simple words carry.

Men often fear commitment and their love must be strong for the three words to come out of their mouth. They often fear the verbal confirmation of their feelings and its implications.

A woman can be certain that her man is in love, when she hears the long-desired “I love you.”

Photo courtesy of: Cesar Poyatos