Signs of Attraction and Chemistry When Dating

Human relationships resemble a jungle and sometimes it might be very hard to get a grasp of some truly obvious signals hidden in the thick greenery. We happen to fancy someone but to tremble in insecurity. Feelings are often directed one way and fail receiving a response. How to tell if a person really likes you?

Social interactions are most difficult whenever intimacy is about to get involved. Finding the signs is extremely difficult even if you are an expert matchmaker making use of impeccable qualities for bringing couples together.

Yet, some signals are difficult to mistake. If a person is finding you desirable, you will certainly notice some behavioral specifics that will let you know whether to dig your sexy lingerie out of the closet.

Extra Attention

A person who finds you interesting and attractive will attempt hard to spend lots of time with you.

He wants the two of you to study together for long hours. Is he really into the subject matter or is he more into you? She is willing to show you around the neighborhood since you are still new. Courtesy or awakening passion?

If someone is willing to neglect tasks in order to be with you for longer periods of time, he or she is clearly expressing some form of desire. You need to examine the evolution of this relationship carefully in order to find out whether it will remain friendship or whether it will turn into something less platonic.

Getting Closer

Human signals of friendship and passion differ greatly. Yet, it is very easy to get confused and to keep on wondering for a long period of time. What distinguishes romantic interest from a friendship offer?

A person attracted to another person will try to diminish the distance between the two. Slight touches and body language will clearly state what words cannot.

He is trying to fix a lock of your hair. He looks in your eyes while touching your forehand. His strong hand remains there a bit longer than necessary. Do you still believe that innocent friendship is all he demands?

She compliments you on your body. She slightly touches your abdomen and asks you how you managed to achieve those muscles. Her hand is still there while you talk. Is she simply the girl you go to lectures with?

Wanting to Know You

Someone who likes you would want to learn a lot about your life and experiences so far.

Understand correctly the signals. Consider carefully his or her desire to learn more about your friends and parents and to even to meet them. How about a person willing to look at your childhood photos and to listen to long stories from your past? Most of these are incredibly boring. Only a person having specific interest in you will go through the entire exercise smiling.

Having long conversations while looking each other in the eyes also holds tons of meaning. Feeling comfortable remaining silent in each other’s presence means even more.

Depending on your experience and intuition these signs could be subtle or extremely loud. Learn to decipher the messages directed towards you. In order to get love, you have to identify it right after it appears on the stage.

The Key to Building Meaningful, Happy Relationships

Trauma, history of past relationships and even attachment style impact our dating patterns and behaviors.

Do you feel that you’re stuck, always repeating the same mistakes or having a type that’s simply not right for you?

It’s important to understand how your attachment style and dating patterns have been shaped up.

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