Signs he is flirting and what to do about them

Dealing with a flirtatious partner can be challenging and stressful. A flirt with someone who is outside the relationship can interfere with the feelings and trust between partners. If there are signs he is flirting, you should definitely consider doing something about the situation. Leaving things as they are will only lead to disappointment down the line.

Some may think that a man flirting with women he is not in a relationship with is a normal thing. It can be but a fine line will have to be drawn between what is a bit of innocent fun and what could potentially become much more serious. Finally, if you don’t feel comfortable with it, a flirt is something that your partner shouldn’t be engaging in.

You have several options when trying to deal with a flirtatious partner. You can either rely on open confrontation or select a subtler approach.

Talk about His Flirtatious Behavior

Anything that seems to be out of order in your relationship should be discussed. Talk about the situation.

Let your partner know what a simple flirt with somebody else is doing to you. If your significant other loves you, a change in behavior is to be expected. A person who cares for you will refrain from doing anything offensive or hurtful.

Be open and calm about it. Instead of giving your partner an ultimatum, describe your feelings and ask gently for a change. This approach will be effective most of the time.

Demonstrate Your Love for Him

Some people start flirting with people outside their relationship, once they feel that the spark is gone.

Do you remember the days when the two of you used to flirt? It was fun, thrilling and very exciting.

If you want to make your partner pay attention to you solely, try to bring back those days. Surprise and seduce your partner. Flirt and demonstrate the intensity of your feelings. If your partner gets the needed excitement from you looking for a flirt elsewhere will be unlikely.

Ignore the Signs He Is Flirting: A Smart Idea?

A partner could flirt with others just to make you jealous and test your reactions. Though such motivation is unlikely, it is not to be dismissed entirely.

Try to dismiss these little flirts. They mean nothing, especially if your partner is providing you with evidence of love and affection. Behave as if nothing extraordinary is happening. If these attempt fail getting you impressed and jealous, your partner is likely to quit.

Naturally, ignoring a problem is not the best way to go but human psychology is a strange animal. Sometimes, the most irrational solutions are the most effective ones.

Are There Signs He Is Flirting or Are You Jealous?

Whatever is happening between the two of you, try to keep jealousy out of the equation.

Jealousy is one of the most destructive feelings that can appear and stand in the way between partners.

Do your best to overcome jealousy. Act rationally and inquire abut your partner’s flirtatious behavior before making a scene. Jealousy will never help you deal with the problem. It can solely get you in a fight.

Should You Keep the Relationship Going?

Before doing anything about your partner’s flirtatious behavior, decide if it is worthy.

Is it a simple innocent flirt or is your partner cheating on you? Can you change anything or will this behavior reoccur? Do you believe that struggling for the relationship with that person is worth it?

Answer these questions before deciding on a course of action. Understand your own feelings and make a choice.