Popular Questions Women Ask Men

Popular Questions Women Ask Men

Women ask many questions. The types of questions that drive men insane and make them think in what unperceivable manners the female mentality is functioning.

We are especially good at asking questions that have an obvious answer. Men, on the other hand, feel particularly annoyed when they have to state something rather apparent. Naturally, if he is love with a woman, he finds her attractive. She is sexy and beautiful to him, even if he does not make a statement all that often.

So, which are the popular questions that women ask men? Which are the questions that can leave a man speechless?

Do You Love Me?

Do you love me is probably the most popular among the questions women ask men. It demonstrates some insecurity but it is also an expression of the woman’s need to hear it more often.

Men, however, generally prefer demonstrating rather than describing their feelings. He believes that his actions speak for themselves. A verbal statement is rendered useless. Why say it when you can do it?

Do I Look Good in This

This is the impossible question. If she looks bad and you say that she looks good, she will know that you are being dishonest. If you tell her that this outfit is probably not the most suitable selection, she is likely to start an argument.

Women need to understand the fact that their man finds them attractive. She will be attractive even if she dresses in a sack. Further, men are very likely to state the truth. Women should not ask the question, if they do not want to hear the answer.

What are You Thinking about?

If he is silent and appearing distanced, he is probably in need of some alone time. Asking him what he thinks about will deprive him of the chance to think and to be all by himself.

Is She Prettier than Me?

A couple is taking a leisurely walk. They are having fun and enjoying the mild rays of the sun. A beautiful, young lady walks nearby.

One very popular question that women ask men focuses on the attractiveness of other women. This is just another question that women ask, without wanting to hear the answer. The fact is that any answer he chooses will lead to a deadlock. Denying the obvious is silly and being honest is suicidal.

Why is It that You Never Talk about Your Feelings?

An old saying states that women love with their ears. We want to be courted and lured into a relationship. We need gentle words and a verbal statement of love and commitment.

So many men, however, feel uneasy about sharing their feelings. This is when this question appears in the spotlight. The question can only lead to an argument. If he cannot talk about his feelings, he will never be changed through nagging.

Learning how to accept each other is very essential for such questions to disappear. Unfortunately, millions of men are hearing this question. And millions of men will continue hearing it in the future.

What is It about Football and Video Games?

You can hear several similar questions women ask men. It can focus on baseball, beer, the weekly meetings with friends. Its main stress is on his favorite activities that the lady fails understanding.

What is it about football? It is a sport that men can watch in the company of their friends. It is something that helps them relax and unwind. Football is just something that needs no explanation.

Is It that Difficult to Tidy Up?
Another question that has an obvious answer. If he is not doing it, tiding up is probably somehow difficult for him.

The question is accusatory and sarcastic. It aims to hurt him and make him feel ashamed of his messy attitude. Still, it has the power to change nothing. If tiding up is not part of his nature, it never will be.

Women and men communicate in their specific manners. Women ask questions. Men decline answering them. The earth keeps on spinning and opposing sexes are having fun because of their differences.

Women have their favorite questions and smart men have already found out how to answer those. Though people change as time passes, these questions will remain unchanged. In fact, they have probably existed since the appearance of mankind and vocal expression.