Finding Mr. Right: Qualities of a Great Boyfriend

The ideal man is a mythical creature. Each human being has faults and defects. Mr. Right for one woman will be the nightmare of another. So, which characteristics separate the most suitable match from the rest? What are the qualities of a great boyfriend and are these truly universal?

Each woman has her own criteria, when selecting the best partner. Some insist on honesty, others look for a man who can make them laugh. Yet, nearly all women look for some universal qualities that a potential life partner needs to have.

What makes a simple man Mr. Right? Is there any way to recognize the one who is most suitable for you?

Key Qualities of a Great Boyfriend: Communication Skills

Most women need a lover and a friend. Mr. Right combines these two roles. Apart from being passionate and tender, he must know how to listen and communicate with a woman.

Ladies need someone to confide in, someone to offer understanding and support during difficult stages of life. The ideal man should know how to communicate with a woman. He needs to know when to remain silent and when to offer comfort.

Communication and the ability to bond on a verbal level are very important for most women, regardless of age and social status. The ideal man should know how to listen and how to talk to a lady.


All people look for support from a partner. The fact is true of both men and women.

A Mr. Right must be supportive and willing to endure all of life’s difficulties together with a partner. The desire to support and protect a partner is one of the most important qualities that a man needs to possess.

Women today are entirely independent and self-sufficient in terms of business, finance and personal development. Yet, having someone to go back home to is always the best option.


Honesty is a universal quality that all individuals demand from a partner. Women insist on honesty, if they are to give their heart to someone.

Mr. Right must be unable to tell lies. Though the truth can hurt, deception and manipulative behavior will always get someone hurt.

The ideal man must be able to confess wrongdoings and must have the strength to face the consequences of his actions. The ideal man has the courage to take responsibility for all of his decisions and life choices. Honesty is the first step in that direction.


Self-confidence is a quality that many women look for in a potential partner. The ideal man should know what his best qualities are and he should not be afraid to emphasize on these.

Women generally have difficulty falling for men that are full of uncertainties. Men who are overly boastful are probably not the best option, either. Mr. Right should know when to stress on his qualities and when to remain modest.

Self-confidence is a sexy quality, as long as it is justified.


The perfect partner needs to be open-minded and willing to accept different points of view and lifestyle ideas.

Some men stick stubbornly to their understandings, unwilling to open up to a partner. Mr. Right should know when to give in. He needs to be intelligently flexible.

Women are often afraid that new dates and potential boyfriends will judge their past life and relationship history. The ideal man is open-minded. He knows that his lady went through some turbulent periods in her lifetime but is perfectly fine with that fact.

Gentleness and Lack of Aggression

Some machos tend to get aggressive, when things fail happening their way.

A Mr. Right should know how to utilize the power of discussions. He should never resort to the usage of crude force in case of an argument.

The perfect man should know how to defend his point of view but he needs to be intelligent enough to give up, when his lady makes a valid point.

Though each woman has her understanding of the perfect man, some universal qualities and values remain valid. Each lady wants to be pampered, loved and respected. Mr. Right knows how to do just that. He is the perfect mixture of masculinity, intelligence and sensitivity. The ideal man is yet to be born. Meanwhile, some men strive for self-improvement. Ladies should look for their Mr. Right among these specimens.

Know the qualities of a great boyfriend to be looking for. You can base this information on your needs and your past experience. Still, a bit of flexibility can help you meet great new people and even discover a romantic interest you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise.

Are You Looking for Mr. Right?

Finding love isn’t always a simple and straightforward process. Often, a self-discovery journey will play a key role before you can truly commit yourself to someone else.

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