Nervous about a First Date? Here's How to Overcome Anxiety

Staying cool during a first date can seem like mission impossible. First dates are always associated with anxiety, uneasiness and a sense of helplessness. Are you feeling nervous about a first date that’s coming up shortly? You’re not alone!

What makes first dates troublesome is the fear of rejection and of meeting someone unknown for the first time. Are you going to impress your date? Will you find your perfect match this time? What if you really like the person but he or she remains indifferent? Millions of questions will plague you before that first encounter with a potential partner.

Remaining cool during a first date could be difficult to achieve. Follow these tips to achieve some degree of tranquility.

News Flash: Your Date Is Also Nervous

Even if you are meeting the sexiest person on earth, you must know that the feeling of anxiety is mutual. Everybody feels uneasy and tense when meeting someone new and when believing that this someone new will be judgmental.

Understand that you are not the only one to experience nervousness. Your date will be uneasy, as well. Knowing that both of you feel the same way can help you overcome these troubling feelings.

Do your best to break the ice. If you feel nervous – tell your date. Be honest about your feelings. This decision will help the other person open up and share with you. Turn your uneasiness into a conversation topic.

Nervous about a First Date? Prepare!

If you want to diminish stress and nervousness try to be impeccable during a first date.

Select clothing carefully. It should be modest, yet underlining your personal style. Never go for something that is too flashy or too conservative. Moderation is of key importance during a first date.

Be on time. Nothing could be more irritating than someone who is late for a first date.

Compliment your date on looks. Try to establish eye contact and hide your nervousness.

Select a venue that you like and feel comfortable about. A strange place that is atypical for you will probably make you even more nervous.

A Bit of Rehearsal Can Help

The only manner to deal with anxiety is practice.

One of the options is to have several dates before the big one with the person that you have major interest in.

Meeting new people and learning how to interact will help you practice your conversational skills. Each time you experience a new situation, you will acquire experience that will help you deliver your best during that special first date.

Ask a friend to help you practice a casual conversation with a stranger. Think of suitable topics. Brainstorm about the questions you will ask your date. Select issues that reveal more about the person’s personality but that are not too intimate.

Feeling prepared is one of the best ways to counter uneasiness and to behave confidently and calmly during a first date.

Learn More about the Other Person

Sometimes, it could be difficult to learn more about the person you are about to have a first date with. Yet, do your best to find out more.

If you have mutual friends, ask them some questions before the big day. Study the person’s background, interests and character. If you had been dating online, ask some important questions before the major first date.

Learning more about your date could be problematic, if you are meeting a perfect stranger. Focus on the other tips mentioned in the article to diminish anxiety.

Staying cool during a first date could be difficult to achieve. Try to relax and have fun. Remember that if the person is the one for you, you will feel the chemistry regardless of nervousness. Dating should be fun rather than stressful. Relax and enjoy yourself.