4 Important Facts about Negative Calorie Foods

As we all know, all food products contain some amount of calories or energy that our bodies need to function properly. Simultaneously, all foods require some body energy, in order to be absorbed. Negative calorie foods are the ones that require more energy to be digested than they provide the body with.

The reason is the process of energy extraction that takes place in the human body. The extraction process is more difficult when negative calorie foods are digested. More effort is put in digestion, making the organism lose more energy than it receives.

Research about negative calorie produts is still ongoing but many people trying to lose weight rely on these.

Can You Consume Limitless Amounts of Negative Calorie Products?

According to the negative calorie theory, a person can consume limitless amounts of these types of foods without gaining weight. Furthermore, these can even be used to lose a pound or two.

Negative calorie items are such in their raw state, a very important fact to remember when doing your meal prep.

All kinds of thermal processing and food preparation add calories. For example, if you fry vegetables using significant amounts of oil or butter, you will increase the amount of calories and lipids.

Ways to Preserve the Negative Calorie Balance

To preserve the negative calorie balance, it will be best to consume foods raw. If you prefer to cook, use steaming, boiling or stewing, since these procedures add little or no calories to food.

Dairy Products and Proteins Are NOT Negative Calorie

Foods that are rich in proteins and dairy products are excluded from the list of negative calorie items.

Unfortunately, no meat or bread having negative calorie count exists. It might be quite difficult to consume solely negative calorie foods, since these are mostly fruits and vegetables.

Negative calorie items are mostly suitable for snacks consumed between major meals. Most of us like having some chips or popcorn while watching a movie or a football game. Replacing these with one of the numerous negative calorie foods will help you maintain your weight unchanged.

The negative calorie food theory focuses on the inclusion of negative calorie foods in a balanced diet.

Can You Survive Solely on Negative Calorie Products?

Keep in mind that the consumption of negative calorie products solely will deprive the organism from some of the nutrients and minerals it needs to be healthy.

Some of the negative calorie vegetables include carrots, cucumbers, lettuce, cauliflower, squash, broccoli, cabbage, onions, spinach and garlic. The negative calorie fruits include strawberries, peaches, tangerines, oranges, grapefruits, apples, watermelon and lemons. Stewed fish (only the types that have fatless meat) can also be considered a negative calorie food.

One other trick to consider when consuming negative calorie products is chewing. Believe it or not but chewing leads to calorie burning. The more time you chew food, the more energy your body loses in the process.