My Husband Lost Interest in Me: What should I do?

My Husband Lost Interest in Me: What should I do?

Each married couple experiences peaks and low points during different periods of the relationship. As the two of you get to know each other, routine is likely to take control.

As a married woman, you could feel that your husband is losing some interest. Sex does not take place as often as it used to. Passion subsides and he seems to have his mind on something else. Even if he claims that everything is fine, you are able to sense the difference in the person that you know so well. These are the moments when you start asking yourself: “my husband lost interest in me, what should I do?”

Knowing how to act when your husband loses interest is essential to rejuvenate your marriage and to keep that spark the two of you had in the beginning. Diversity and communication are of key importance in such situations.

Talk to Him

Before you decide on any other actions, talk to your husband. Forget about hints and the indirect, gentle approach. Talk to him straight about the issues that trouble you.

Maybe the problem is hidden in the daily routine. He could be too tired and stressed at work. You could be also experiencing problems as a result of medications or aging. Talk to him. Learn what is on his mind so that you could start searching for an adequate solution.

Trying to guess what went wrong could only worsen the situation. Be open about your feelings and encourage your husband to confide in you.

Spice it Up

If the routine finally gets you, try to look for untraditional solutions to your husband’s loss of interest. Thinking “my husband lost interest in me, I should just give up” is never going to get your marriage to where you want it to be.

Usually, men lose interest in their wives once they see that nothing could surprise them anymore. He knows your character, he knows your body. He knows how to please you and what to expect. Show him that he does not know everything about you yet.

Organize a seductive dinner in the middle of the week. Hire a babysitter for the children and allow the two of you to have some alone time. Remember the early days of your relationship. Passion was everywhere and you could barely keep your hands off each other.

Show him that this passion is still alive in you. Kiss him deeply while the two of you are still in the car. Encourage him. Let him know that he still excites every small piece of your body.

Surprise Him

Men love surprises. Put some effort in surprising him and you will certainly bring his interest back to high levels.

Trying to do something exciting and unusual for him signifies that he is still the one who is in your dreams and fantasies. Sometimes, men lose their interest due to lack of confidence in your feelings. Show him that nothing has changed despite the years you spent together, the daily tasks, stress and routine.

Buy some sexy, new lingerie. Try to organize a theme romantic night just for the two of you. Anything that comes to your mind is certain to bring the heat up.

Ask Him about His Needs

Your husband could have lost interest because his needs were not met and he is feeling somehow discouraged.

Talk openly about each other’s needs. Maybe he has a fantasy that he was reluctant to talk about. Encourage him to share what is on his mind, which novelties could make him happier.

The two of you are a married couple and should feel comfortable about discussing your sexual life. If he is uncertain about bringing up the topic – take the lead and ask him about his needs and desires.

My Husband Lost Interest in Me, should We Try Therapy?

Even if you have the best intentions, you may sometimes be unable to fix the situation. This is when you know that therapy is needed.

Discuss with your husband the possibility of starting couple or sexual therapy. A professional will be able to identify the shortcomings in your marriage and will discover the best way to address each issue.

Therapy requires some patience but will help the two of you address problematic issues and increase intimacy.

Refrain from panicking if you see that your husband has lost interest. The issue could be minor. Talk to him. Find out what troubles your husband. Once you know what the reason is, you will be able to deal adequately with the issue.