How to Thicken Hair in Four Natural Ways

Thick, long and beautiful hair is probably the dream of every single woman. Hair is one of the most beautiful natural accessories that we possess.

Making hair thicker and stronger could sometimes be difficult, since it will require following certain procedures and introducing some lifestyle changes. Yet, some simple steps do exist. Follow these four simple techniques, if you want to learn how to thicken hair naturally.


Masks are very important for hair health. They give skin the chance to absorb useful nutrients, which adds to the strength and thickness of each hair. Consulting an expert about the best type of mask for your needs is advisable.

Most masks contain egg yolk, lecithin, essential oils, herbal ingredients, hormones and vitamins. Some believe that heat increases the effectiveness of masks and facilitates the passage of useful substances in the skin.

Some of the best nourishing masks contain natural products. To make your hair stronger and thicker, mix 20 grams of castor oil, 20 grams of olive oil and 10 grams of shampoo. The mixture should be massaged into the scalp. Keep the mask on for at least one hour and wash using warm water.

Scalp Massage

Thick hair is well nourished. Nutrients rich hair through blood and to increase the amount, you need to work on your circulation.

Scalp massage is an excellent way to improve head circulation and the flow of oxygen and nutrients to hair.

You can massage your scalp each day. Use your fingertips and move them gently in small circles. Brushing your hair is another form of scalp massage. Use a wide brush having natural bristles.

Supply Your Hair with Quality Proteins

Hair is made of proteins. To grow thick and strong, it needs proteins from food.

A balanced diet is essential to guarantee hair health. Chicken, eggs, dairy products, fresh nuts, beans and whole grain products are all rich in vitamins and useful minerals that hair needs to grow.

Fish is especially important, since it contains Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential to scalp health and respectively to growing thicker and stronger hair.

How to Thicken Hair Naturally: The Importance of Protecting Your Locks

Your hair needs protection from harmful environmental factors. UV light from the sun, strong wind, moisture and urban pollution can all harm it, taking away its shine and flexibility.

Some cosmetic products for hair contain UV protection ingredients.

Putting on a hat, in cases of wind and cold weather could also protect your hair. Take special care of your locks during the winter, when climatic conditions are extreme. Some cosmetic brands have developed special winter hair care products.