How to Recognize a True Friend: Signs of a Real Friendship

How to Recognize a True Friend: Signs of a Real Friendship

People have numerous acquaintances, coworkers and people that they simply know from somewhere. They have neighbors, childhood friends, business partners, casual acquaintances and former dates turned friends. So many people believe that they’re surrounded by multiple friends. The definition of a friend, however, varies from one person to another.

When it comes to a true friend, things a bit more universal. This is why it’s relatively easy to learn how to recognize a true friend.

A true friend is the one we can rely on day and night. This individual knows all personal and intimate facts and is able to offer acceptance and understanding.

Is there a way to know which people are simply acquaintances we like to spend time with and which ones are true friends?

How to Recognize a True Friend: True Friends Never Judge

True friends will never judge and blame each other. A real friend will offer understanding and comfort in even the most controversial situation.

Everyday acquaintances and people who one knows might often show no understanding and may become judgmental in one situation or another. True friends know how difficult it is to go through tough life stages. They will never scorn or criticize. Even if their opinion is different, true friends will find a way to express their criticism in a positive way.

True Friends are There Day and Night

You know that a person is a true friend if you call in the middle of the night and receive compassion instead of angry, sleepy comments.

A true friend will be willing to come to your place, even if you need comfort and understanding at 4 am.

You know that you can rely on that person regardless of distance and time. You will never get an angry yell back. You will soon be together, discussing problematic issues and enjoying each other’s company.

A True friend Accepts You the Way You Are

True friends accept each other. They know the other person’s negative characteristics. Your true friends will love you, regardless of the fact that you like to smoke, have the tendency to always select the wrong men and can turn into a control freak.

A true friend knows all of your negative characteristics and past mishaps. A true friend does not mind. The two of you are comfortable with each other, regardless of individual characteristics and faults.

You Feel Comfortable Being Silent Together

You feel perfectly fine just sitting with a true friend. The two of you have no need to exchange empty words. Your non-verbal communication is perfectly satisfactory.

If you are spending time with a true friend, you will feel no need to fill every second with words. Silence will never feel awkward. The moments of silence are actually able to increase the proximity between the two of you.

A True Friend Is Able to Tell You the Truth

A true friend will never feel uncomfortable telling you the truth. In fact, true friends can help you discover a balance and make the best personal choice

If a dress makes you look bad, a true friend will have no difficulty telling you that. You can get honest advice related to every aspect of your life from a true friend.

A person who does not know you that well might feel awkward telling you the truth. A true friend will be there to direct you and guide you through confusing periods.

A true friend is someone who allows you to be yourself. A true friend is never demanding. A true friend will never ask for reciprocation but you will be giving it anyways, since you feel the same way. A true friend is somebody who is always in your heart. Recognizing true friends is easy. They are the people who will always be there for you. And you will be there for them.