How to Get Fit and Healthy: Can the Process be Fun?

How to Get Fit and Healthy: Can the Process be Fun?

Many of us have been there. Feeling bad about physical characteristics leads to despair. Sentiments like confidence and sexiness disappear in the distance. This is when you start to question yourself. You wonder how to get fit and healthy and whether the approach you’ve chosen is going to deliver results.

It takes little motivation and a bit of will to change that. Healthy habits do not necessarily have to change your entire lifestyle and to come crashing into your existence. You can replace all harmful routines with brand new and fun things to do that will also get you fit and make you feel better.

Start Moving

This is the first rule of learning how to get fit and healthy. Start moving. Forget about your car, when you need to travel short distance. If the weather is nice and sunny take a walk. Instead of using the elevator climb some stairs. If you have a park nearby enjoy a stroll there. You do not have to go to the gym in order to exercise.

Losing weight is based on simple mathematics. It involves calculating calories. You have to burn more calories than you intake. All types of motion and physical activity will help you do that. You like dancing? Do that for an hour each day. Dancing is serious physical activity, especially if you get wild doing it.
Are you into a relationship? Consider the fact that making love is also a physical activity. Getting enough of it can make you slimmer and fitter.

Yes, losing weight can really be fun. Just think about the pleasurable physical activities it can be associated with.


Changing your eating habits is certainly a part of a healthier lifestyle. Some foods are harmful and should be limited. Everything else can be consumed within reasonable limits.

Try limiting fried foods and fast food. Be careful with bread and pasta. These are real calorie busters. Replace regular bread with sourdough bread or whole-grain breads. Chocolate is fine. In fact dark chocolate is one of the greatest antioxidants. Having some chocolate each day will make you feel good.

Eat whenever you feel hungry but keep portions small. It is much better eating five small meals than gorging on a giant dinner. Consume lots of fruits, fish and vegetables. Red meat too, but know the pros and cons. The dish variety including these ingredients is immense. Whenever possible, try going for organic products.

When hunger overcomes you, try having some yogurt before selecting a burger. Wait some time if you still feel hungry. The digestive takes about 20 minutes to process food and you will feel satisfied with your meal only after that period passes.

Be Active

Engaging in various activities is crucial to staying fit. Being constantly occupied will keep your mind busy and wondering away from the fridge. Enlist in a dancing class. Start photography courses. Go out painting. Find the hobby that is best suited for you. If possible, select a hobby that will take you outside your house. The more time you spend in various activities, the happier and more energetic you will feel.

How about Going to the Gym?

Going to the gym can also be fun once or twice a week. If you feel bored with all those faceless fitness machines, go to aerobics classes.

Classes make it easier for people to exercise since they bring together similar-minded individuals. Apart from exercising, they share stories and often become friends. Going to a gym class will soon make you part of a group that you will truly enjoy.

The options are countless. You can try aerobics, step aerobics, spinning, Tae Bo, pilates and many others. Instructors will help you focus on your problem areas. Besides, these classes are immense fun. Often, exercises combine with dance moves to make it easier for you to follow the routine.

Keep in mind that getting fit should start with a mindset change. You will be on your way to success as soon as you get motivated and thinking positively. The process should be enjoyable. Starving yourself to death and exercising until you faint will produce no results if you feel unhappy with the process.