Do You Really Know How to Flirt with Men?

Flirting is an art. It involves psychology, acting skills, perfect timing and a strategy. So many girls, however, worry about it. They believe that a man should make the first move. They don’t know how to act and they often let anxiety get the best of them.

Are you one of these ladies? You should try to relax! Flirting can be a lot of fun. You’re in control of the situation and it’s up to you to determine how the scenario is going to unfold. Do you really know how to flirt with men, however? Even if you don’t, we have a number of simple but effective pointers for you.

How to Flirt with Men: Analyze the Situation

To be successful at flirting, you need to study the situation. The first thing you need to find out is whether a guy is interested in a potential flirt. Men are pretty easy to read and their interest will be obvious.

Watch him closely. Is he alone or with company? Does he seem like he’s interested in getting to know someone new? Is he responding to your gaze? If he’s holding eye contact with you, chances are that he’s quite interested in taking things to the next level.

Examine his body language. Is he flirtatious? Or more conservative? Does he study the ladies, does he seem interested in someone in particular? If he is simply enjoying a drink or he’s entirely focused on their company, chances are that the flirt isn’t going to go anywhere.

How to Approach a Man

Once you have decided to approach a man, you need to come up with a proper flirt strategy. Avoid being openly aggressive because such a move on your behalf could be interpreted as being trashy. A good flirt is usually subtle, even a bit intellectual. It gives him clues and poses challenges.

Try to figure out his personality. Does he look artistic? Is he laughing openly, how does he talk to friends? These small signals will help you in determining whether he is extroverted or shy, whether he is emotional or practical and whether he would fancy a flirt with a stranger.

Never attempt coming up with a catchy pick-up line. Such attempts will probably get her laughing instead of interested in you. You know what happens when guys approach you this way. Don’t turn things around because you’ll be headed for a fiasco.

The Fun Uses of Body Language

Men are very good at reading signs. Your body language will tell hi,  much more than your words will. Try to show him what you are thinking and desiring.

Smile at him and use eye contact to show him that you have romantic interest. When talking to each other, touch him gently, nearly accidentally. Whisper softly in his ear. This strategy works faultlessly in clubs that play loud music.

If he seems ok with such signs of attention, act confidently. Touch his hair or allow your knee to come next to his under the table. Keep looking in his eyes, this will send shivers down his spine. The fact that he feels comfortable with all this attention signifies that he is already interested in you.

While body language is a great choice for a fun flirt, you shouldn’t overdo it. Biting your lips, sticking your tongue out or touching your cleavage aren’t the classiest options out there. Once again, the best flirters are unobtrusive and gentle. Make him work for it and don’t lay it all out there.

The Flirtatious Conversation

Conversations are the trickiest part of flirting. You need to be adaptive to accommodate the specific situation.

Ask him about his interests. This way, you can get some vital information that will personalize the conversation and fuel it further.

Pay attention to what he has to say. Demonstrate your interest. Ask further questions, compliment him on everything you can. Never overdo it. Show him that you are interested in the topics that he is willing to discuss. This must come to you naturally, do not fake interest.

Tell him that you like the way he looks, his perfume. Be very delicate in these compliments. You need to see his reactions before you become bolder.

A flirtatious conversation is a dance between two people. You can joke with him, escalate something he said or use phrases that have double meaning. Once again, you will need some time to get there. Mastering the wordplay and the playful exchange will require some confidence building. Start slow and if you’re getting positive reception, you can continue experimenting with your words.

Finally, remember to have fun. If you don’t feel like approaching someone, don’t do it. If you just want to have a calm conversation, refrain from building the sexual tension. It’s up to you to determine what you’d like to do with the respective partner. Let your insecurity go and get to know the other person. Chances are that both of you will enjoy the process.

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