How to Choose the Right Bra Size

Selecting a bra is a bit more complicated than going for something sexy and aesthetically pleasing. Just like any other garment, underwear plays a specific role and an improper selection could lead to the lack of comfort and to health problems.

The main function of a bra is to provide breasts with the proper support. A bra should be selected carefully, depending on the purpose you will need it for. The things to consider include size, type of the bra, cup size, and fabric used.

You need to know your cup size and frame size. A bra that is too tight will feel uncomfortable and will press your breasts excessively. A loose bra will be unable to provide the support that you need. If you are uncertain about the correct size, consult a store assistant and try the bra on.

Keep in mind that different brands have differing standards. You might feel comfortable wearing one size of a specific brand but the same size of another brand could feel wrong.

Take a look at yourself. If your breast shape appears odd then the bra is probably not the right one for you. Place a stretch T-shirt over the breast to be able to evaluate your image clearly.

Examine the straps. If they dig tightly into your shoulders or leave red marks on the skin, you are trying on a bra that is too tight.

Select the fabric carefully. Cotton and spandex is the best option. Silk and lace are sexier but these will hinder your skin from breathing and could cause rashes and irritation. Select natural fabrics for everyday use.

Your bust size will play a role in determining the type of bra to purchase. If your breasts are larger, you will need more support. Choose a bra that has wider straps and under-wiring for additional support. The cups need to hold your breasts firmly and to feel very comfortable. A push up bra could also be a good option.

If you have smaller breasts, go for thin-strapped bras that have additional padding.

Some bras are designed for specific purposes. A sports bra is to be used during exercise. It is very supportive, restricting the motion of breasts. Most lingerie brands have their sports lines. These bras are very elastic, featuring wide straps and a tight base. The cup size is larger, providing support even during the most intense movements.

Nursing bras are especially designed for lactating women. They are very practical and feature additional straps that allow for the easy removal of cups, without forcing a woman to take off the bra itself.

Try a bra on and see how it feels and to make sure it is the right one for you. If the bra fails providing support, if it feels too loose or too tight, if you experience back and shoulder pains or your breasts feel too cramped, then you need to search for another bra. The manner in which you feel is the best indication of how good a bra is. If you feel uneasy or uncomfortable in any way, keep on searching until you find the right size and type of bra.