How to Build Trust in a Relationship You're Just Starting

Trust happens to be one of the building blocks of relationships. Unfortunately, trust can often be difficult to achieve. Do you know how to build trust in a relationship you’re just starting, especially if you’ve been hurt in the past?

Many people take disappointments and fears from an old relationship to a new relationship. If they suffered betrayal or any other form of trust problem, individuals are likely to have difficulty trusting in a new relationship.

How do you learn to trust in a new relationship? Is it possible to let go of the past and to give you and your partner a fresh start? What are the basic steps that you need to undertake in order to trust?

How to Build Trust in a Relationship: Let Go of the Past

People who are in your life should not suffer the consequences of the mistakes you made in the past.

Each individual that you fall in love with is unique. A new relationship signifies a fresh start. If someone lied to you in the past, it is needless to punish your current partner with your insecurity and fear.

Allowing yourself a fresh start is crucial if you want to fully enjoy your new relationship. Learn to let go. Let the past stay where it belongs – solely in your memories.

Talk about Your Worries Openly

Discussing trust issues with your partner is the best way to overcome such problems.

The first step towards building trust is letting your loved one what you experienced before and what you need to feel comfortable and safe.

Encourage your partner to share similar observation about trust in a relationship. Talking about problems will help you overcome them and determine where you currently stand.

Set Healthy Boundaries

In the early stages of your relationship, you have to set rules and clear boundaries. Let your partner know exactly how you build trust and what a breach of confidence would look like.

Your new partner should understand what’s deemedacceptable and what will disappoint you. Know what you want and be brave enough to say it out loud. Your partner should know about anything that you consider a breach of trust.

Take It Slow

The only way to build trust is to let your partner know what you are comfortable with and what will hurt your feelings.

If your partner is the right one, you will receive understanding and support. Your loved one has probably experienced betrayal, as well. Both of you have been hurt. This is nothing but natural. Discover the best ways to build trust and to give the two of you a fresh start. Trust takes some time to establish itself. Do not worry. You will be enjoying this great feeling soon if you are open and brave enough.

Learning how to build trust in a relationship you’re just started will push you out of your comfort zone. That’s ok! Great things happen when you find yourself in a new place. Hopefully, you have met someone to help you make the dream happen.