Five of the Best Cold Weather Date Ideas

Five of the Best Cold Weather Date Ideas

Cold weather seems to be limiting the number of activities that you and your partner can get involved in together? Think again! Cold fall weather offers new couples wonderful opportunities to get to know each other better and to experience wonderful romantic moments.

Fall can be a lovely season for dating and falling in love. The manner in which tree leaves change their color, the fall rains and the wonderful sunny but chilly days will provide you with tremendous number of activity options, as long as you look at it creatively.

As long as you want to surprise your partner pleasantly and have fun, you will be able to come up with various activities that can be carried out during the coldest fall dates. So, sit tight and explore some of the best cold weather date ideas.

Stay Home and have a Movie Marathon

A movie marathon is one of the best cold weather date ideas. A movie marathon during a cold day is an excellent option to cuddle on the couch and to enjoy each other’s presence.

Cold weather creates a degree of coziness and comfort with each other that can never occur during the summer. The intimacy level will grow as the two of you hug and watch a film, while the rain keeps on pouring.

Select romantic movies or any other genre that both of you find appealing. You can continue by having a dinner at home and sharing a pleasant conversation, once the movie marathon is over.

Cook Together

If it is too cold to go outside, open a bottle of wine, pull up your sleeves and start cooking together.

Such activities will allow you to talk while working on something together. You will get the chance to communicate and to assist each other, which in turn will increase proximity and the sense of intimacy you have already achieved.

Cooking together is always romantic and enjoyable. Even if the final result is far from palatable, you will be spending hours with your loved one in the kitchen. You can always order food afterwards.

Plan a Mountain Getaway

Going to a mountain cabin, far away from all civilization can be one of the best experiences you will have as a new couple.

Fall is the perfect time to plan such getaways. The best option is to go for a cabin having a fireplace and all the facilities needed for a pleasant and relaxing vacation.

If you lack the organization skills needed to plan a weekend getaway, you can simply get in the car, turn the heat up and drive to a beautiful place located nearby. All you need is enthusiasm and a relatively sunny day.

Have Hot Drinks Together

Instead of a typical clubbing night, go to a place that offers a selection of hot drinks that will correspond to your mood and the fall weather.

Having Irish coffee together can be romantic and intimate. The experience will be even more pleasing if you manage to discover a small café or a bar that features romantic ambiance.

It’s Board Game Time!

Open the closet and discover all the old board games that you keep stored there. Nothing could be more enjoyable than being a child once again in the company of the person you are in love with.

If the weather is too unpleasant to go outside and act childish, stay home and do the same.

Board games will make you laugh and compete against each other. You will never notice the hours passing, while enjoying the company of your girlfriend or boyfriend.

These suggestions are just a small portion of the numerous activity opportunities that you can make use of during cold fall weather. You need some enthusiasm and creativity to have a good time. Think about activities that you can get involved in together with your loved one. Even the simplest idea can increase the proximity and intensity of feelings between the two of you.