Emotional Affair Signs: Recognizing Infidelity

Emotional Affair Signs: Recognizing Infidelity

Many people use the term ‘emotional affair’ without really knowing what it means. An emotional affair is a form of betrayal and infidelity. It makes an individual think of and desire someone other than a love partner.

An emotional affair is just as dangerous as the act of physical cheating. It can be even more treacherous, since the person experiencing it will become emotionally and psychologically dependent and attached to somebody else.

What exactly is an emotional affair and how can it be recognized?

Investing Emotions Outside the Relationship

An emotional affair could start as a friendship that involves no romance. Soon, the two people will be so close that they will start sharing intimate information that would otherwise remain inside a couple. This is when the emotional affair begins.

A person experiencing an emotional affair will be investing emotions and energy in this ‘friendship.’ Soon this person will be spending more time with the very special friend than with a partner.

Once this happens, a form of infidelity has taken place. The emotional attachment between the two people will continue growing as their relations evolve.

Sharing Intimate Information with Somebody Else

People who are having an emotional affair will be sharing quite intimate information with each other. It can include details about their sexual lives, intimate partners, love desires, relationship history, family communication and past traumatic experiences.

Such information is usually shared with a partner or a spouse. Once it is taken outside the relationship or marriage, an act of infidelity has taken place.

The bonds that two people develop in this manner can be much stronger than the ties created through intimacy or the act of physical cheating. Sex can often remain without the expression of feelings. Emotional affairs are always related to sentiments of proximity, trust, care and longing.

Having Romantic Fantasies about Somebody Else

An emotional affair involves no physical cheating. Yet, it includes fantasies about another person. These thoughts are never innocent and can soon turn into the desire for a sexual relationship.

A person experiencing an emotional affair will be often thinking of that other person. The thoughts will occur even during the time spent with a partner or a spouse. They will be obsessive and can soon take control of that individual’s life.

Emotional Affair Signs to Watch for

It can be quite easy to recognize the emotional affair signs. Yet, most people prefer to neglect them and to believe that everything is fine.

Emotional affairs involve an increasing distance between partners. They will no longer be talking for hours and sharing little details. The person who is having the affair could become secretive and detached.

The signs of an emotional affair resemble the signs of any other type of betrayal. The person, who is cheating, will appear unhappy in the current relationship. That individual could become dreamy and aloof or overly zealous in an attempt to fix the damage done to the relationship.

An emotional affair involves irritation, confusion or sadness. The relations between partners will change because of the sense of guilt or dissatisfaction with each other. A person experiencing an emotional affair could be having long conversations with a ‘friend’ or spending hours in front of the computer. These are just some of the emotional affair signs to watch out for. Knowing what’s going on is essential for making an important decision about your future.