Bad Beauty Habits to Address Right Now!

Admit it! We all exhibit one form of bad beauty habit or another. From biting lips to overusing exfoliants, all of these sins can be quite costly. Some bad beauty habits have simply turned into a regular routine that needs to be broken. Others result from insufficient knowledge about their consequences.

Here is how to break some of the most common bad beauty habits.

Bad Beauty Habit #1: Biting Your Lips

Lip biting is probably one of the harmful beauty habits that a large number of people share. Biting lips expresses nervousness and is often involuntary. This act is so internalized that a person is often unaware that lip biting is actually taking place.

The habit also exhibits itself whenever lips are dry and cracky. Biting and licking occur naturally whenever a person feels unhappy and uncomfortable with the condition of lips.

The solution to this problem is simple. Buy various delicious lip balms and apply those whenever you get the urge to bite. Lip balms smell nice, taste nice and most importantly – protect your lips from harmful external influences.

Another option is to purchase quality (and probably expensive) lipstick and to apply it as part of your styling. Remembering that biting your lips might ruin the sophisticated image is one of the ways to contain the urge.

Nail Biting and the Damage it Could Cause

This condition has its medical name – onychophagia. This habit is really harmful, since it affects nails and the skin in the areas being bitten. It makes fingers susceptible to infections and damages skin structure.

Give yourself a professional manicure as one of the ways to try dealing with the problem. Having your nails decorated and taken care of in a cosmetic center will prevent you from biting. Instead, you will be able to display your pretty hands and impeccable manicure.

Sleeping in Your Makeup

Hectic routines make us forget some basics of skin care. Often, we are so tired when we get home that we have no strength to remove makeup before going to bed.

This habit is harmful since makeup clogs the pores and could result in skin problems and inflammation. Sleeping in eyeliner and mascara irritates the eyes. Makeup creates a bacteria-friendly environment, which leads to further irritation.

To deal with the issue, have some fast makeup removal product available home. Various brands offer cleansing cloths and makeup remover pads. You simply need to wipe your face with one before enjoying your well-deserved rest.

Wearing Makeup in the Gym

While working out you sweat. Sweat mixing with makeup equals bacteria-friendly environment. And bacteria cause irritation and skin inflammation.

Also, imagine your sweaty face, mascara running down. Definitely not a sexy image.

Remember that makeup does not necessarily make you look good. Take into consideration the harmful effects it has on certain occasions and remember to wipe your face clean before you start exercising.

Have wet wipes available in your bag or simply refrain from using too much makeup on days when you practice.

The only makeup that you must use is lip balm.

Popping Pimples

There is nothing more irritating than a spot that refuses to disappear from your face. Fighting pimples is a fierce process that often involves lots of picking and squeezing.

This habit is harmful and could scar you for life. Picking spots often leads to inflammations and even skin wounds, if you are too persistent.

Whenever a spot appears, apply some fast spot treatment. These products dry the spots and make them shrink. As a result you are left with nothing to pick. Most such products are placed in packages suitable for carrying around and you can apply them instantly.

Shaving (and Shaving the Wrong Way!)

Waxing legs takes time. Plus, the process is painful. Laser hair removal is long-lasting but costly. The simplest thing to do to get rid of that unwanted body hair is to shave.

Shaving is more harmful than other hair removal procedures. It irritates the skin. It makes hairs grow back thicker and darker, thus more difficult to deal with. You might cut yourself. Shaving also leads to the appearance of ingrown hairs.

Consider all of these facts the next time you decide to go for the fast solution. Shaving actually creates more work for you in the long-run. Besides, shaving works for several days, while waxing leaves your skin hair-free for weeks. Evaluate the pros and cons and decide for yourself which option is better.

Hair Twirling

Does playing with your hair sound familiar, especially when you’re bored and you have nothing to do? Many ladies are guilty of this sun and they will often do it unconsciously..

This habit could lead to significant hair loss and hair damage.

To deal with it, keep hair out of your face. A ponytail is a good option to keep those annoying locks away from your hands. If you feel the need to play with something and keep your fingers occupied, have a small object (stress ball, for example) or a piece of cloth that you can use for the purpose.