How to Know When to Leave a Relationship

How to Know When to Leave a Relationship

Saying goodbye and ending a relationship that makes you unhappy is one of the most difficult decisions to take. Maybe you are experiencing a crisis, maybe the situation will get better soon. Doubt and hope often stand in the way even if no possibility for rejuvenating the relationship exists.

Knowing when to say goodbye is difficult. Fear from the unknown often keeps people in relationships they are unhappy with. This is why many people know when to leave a relationship but they remain reluctant.

To know whether it is time to say goodbye, you need to put some thought into your behavior, your partner’s reactions, the manner in which you interact with each other and the changes in your relationship that increase the distance between the two of you. It will be difficult to judge the situation impartially but when such major decisions are to be taken, you need to be 100 percent certain in your reasoning.

What signals should you examine before deciding whether to end a relationship?

When to Leave a Relationship: You No Longer Talk

You have reached a point where you feel no need to share with your partner. Conversations are limited to polite exchange of words during dinner. You dislike being alone with your partner since the two of you have nothing to talk about.

The lack of communication signifies that something went seriously wrong. Your partner should be a close friend and you should feel fine about sharing ideas, problems and opinions. If you no longer desire talking to your partner, you have become distanced from each other.

Therapy is a must in such situations. Otherwise, the distance between the two of you will continue growing.

You Search for Your Partner’s Faults

In the beginning of your relationship, the things that your partner did appeared charming. You never noticed bad habits and your better half never annoyed you.

As time passed, the situation changed. Now you feel annoyed by practically everything. No matter how hard your partner tries, you feel disappointed and angry. You get mad about the pile of shirts on the sofa, the empty milk bottle in the fridge and the manner in which your partner watches TV. The charm is gone. You no longer enjoy spending time with that person. This could be a signal that the end is near.

Arguments are Born Out of Thin Air

It now appears impossible to spend a single day together without starting an argument. Arguments become constant company in your relationship.

In a healthy relationship, an argument leads to the exchange of ideas and to better understanding of each other’s needs and desires. An argument that starts without any particular reason is unhealthy. Arguments for the pure sake of arguments signify that you are experiencing major communication problems.

You Take Each Other for Granted

Relationships suffer seriously when partners start taking each other for granted. Your better half looks like something that will be part of your life forever, even if you put no effort into making them happy.

Taking a partner for granted and being taken for granted feature among the top reasons for the end of a relationship. If you no longer understand that your better half could be out of your life very soon, you might as well be losing them already.

Passion Disappears

You still remember the early days of your love. You enjoyed kissing each other for hours, each touch turned into a sensual experience.

Passion levels naturally go down as the initial euphoria disappears. But the total absence of passion in a relationship means that something has gone terribly wrong.

If you no longer enjoy sex with each other, if you hurry to go to sleep without embracing and kissing no longer seems like an attractive option, you might as well consider ending this relationship.

Lack of Balance

A relationship is all about balance. You need to feel supported and you need to be willing to support your better half. When this delicate balance disappears, a relationship is changing for the worst.

Relationships in which one partner dominates and the other submits all the time can work in very few instances. Partners switch role depending on the situation. If you no longer feel appreciated and supported or if you no longer wish to show your support for a partner, you could be nearing the end of your love story.

Relationships are delicate mechanisms. Think carefully before saying goodbye. If you are certain that it is worth it, do your best to keep love alive. Yet, if you feel unappreciated, abused and misunderstood, you might be happier searching for love somewhere else. In your hear, you certainly know when to leave a relationship. Take some time to think about it and to finalize the decision.