Can Weight Gain in a Relationship be Detrimental?

Can Weight Gain in a Relationship be Detrimental?

Many people worry that the accumulation of excess weight can affect every aspect of their life, including their relationship.

Does weight really have the power to destroy the love between two people or do we become victims of the insecurity and worry that accompany changes in our physical appearance? It depends. If your love is pure and true, a physical change in either partner has no power over feelings.

Talking openly about troublesome issues and having trust in a partner is essential, if you want to keep your relationship regardless of circumstances.

These are the main changes that take place with the accumulation of excess weight and the manners to overcome them.

Does Weight Gain in a Relationship Affect the Perception of Your Partner?

Your partner loves you for who you are. This cliché holds true, if you are experiencing the real thing. Each human being has physical imperfections. The fact that someone has decided to be with you means that these imperfections are powerless over love.

What happens when you gain a few pounds is a loss of self-confidence. Most people feel uncomfortable with undesired body changes. They feel unattractive and undesired and often believe that a partner perceives them in the same way.

If you allow your weight to affect your attitude and self-perception, you will be experiencing relationship problems. It all comes from your head, rather than from your pounds. People who feel unattractive can project that sentiment. Be comfortable with your own self, if you want others to be comfortable with you.

Do You See Weight Gain in a Relationship as a Problem? Talk about it!

Keeping silent and distancing yourself from your partner will rarely do the trick of solving problems.

If weight troubles you, discuss this issue with your partner or spouse. Let them know how you feel and try to find a solution together.

Your partner is there for you in good and bad times. You should communicate about the issues that worry you. Keeping silent can only increase the distance between the two of you, thus destroying the relationship.

When you talk about the problem, you will get support and understanding. Your partner could even suggest fresh and practical ideas to deal with the situation. Talk about it. You will be surprised by the results.

Face the Problem

If weight troubles you, do something about the problem.

You will feel more comfortable, if you attempt to lose some weight and to become fit. Including your partner in this plan is even a better option.

Take walks together. Go biking or hiking. Outdoor activities can bring you closer together and will help you get in shape.

Focus on your biggest assets. If you like your eyes, wear sexy makeup that underlines their beauty. It is true that both women and men like to be seduced. Do something to surprise your partner. Buy new outfits, change your hairstyle, undertake something unexpected.

Being open about the issue and doing something to overcome it will show your partner that you have the strength and will to change yourself and to strive for perfection. Everybody loves these qualities.

Boost Your Self-Confidence

Never allow a physical change to gain control over your mentality. You are a beautiful and capable person. You will remain the same positive and shiny individual, even if you gain some weight.

Allowing weight gain to affect your mentality and self-confidence is a big mistake. It can make you more introverted and insecure. These characteristics will always get in the way of your relationship.

Boost your self-confidence. Take a good look at yourself and think of everything you have managed to achieve. You deserve respect and love. Nothing can take these away from you, if you work on developing your relationship.