Tips for Girls with Curly Hair: How to Take Proper Care of It

Proper washing, styling and nourishing practices are needed to make naturally curly hair easy to control. Use these tips to select the best hair care products that will guarantee that you keep your perfect hairstyle throughout the day.

How Should Girls with Curly Hair Cut It

Before taking any other decisions, you have to choose the best hairstyle for your type. Make sure that your hairdresser knows how to cut curly hair, since it requires entirely different technique from straight hair.

You need to cut your hair on a regular basis, in order to get rid of split and torn ends. These can tangle together, making curly hair very difficult to brush and style.

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Choosing the Best Curly Hair Care Products

The selection of proper hair care products can also make it easier to control your rebellious locks.

Curly hair demands products that will maintain its moisture, especially during the summer. Heat, wind, sunlight and seawater can all damage curly hair, depriving it of its moisture. Dry, curly hair can become a nightmare and the condition will require some serious effort to be overcome.

You will need a hydrating shampoo and conditioner. Some conditioners are especially designed for curly hair. They make it smoother and silkier, thus easier to control.

Some mousses, gels and sprays will control the hair’s smoothness and shine. Select these based on your personal needs and hairstyle preferences.

A Few Practical Tips for Girls with Curly Hair

Increased air humidity affects curly hair significantly. It makes them much more difficult to control.

If you are enjoying a vacation at the seaside or if the weather is rainy, your locks will be unruly and having large volumes. When the situation is such, give up control attempts. Forget about your hair dryer and the hair irons. Enjoy your naturally uncontrollable hair.

Before drying curly hair, let some of the moisture evaporate naturally. Once it is semi-dry, you can start using a hairdryer having a diffuser.

Some combs are especially designed for curly hair. They have anti-static coating, which will make it easier to control curls. Never pull on your hair, when trying to detangle it. Be gentle, if you want to avoid damage.

If your hair is very curly, use a comb when applying a conditioner under the shower. It will distribute the conditioner evenly and make all of your locks shiny.

Refrain from using hair care products that contain alcohol. Alcohol makes hair dry and curly hair is by default dryer than straight hair. Further, combing your hair while you are washing it will make it easier to control, once it becomes dry.

Instead of using a brush, use your fingers to fix locks.

Use nourishing serums to prevent split ends. Remember that you will need to use a deeply cleaning shampoo at least once per week to remove traces of the numerous styling products that curly hair demands.