Things Every Woman Should Know about Men

Things Every Woman Should Know about Men

We’re so excited to announce the launch of our new ebook: Things Every Woman Should Know about Men. Here’s a little bit more about the ebook and the topics it discusses:

What is he thinking? Why is he acting like a mad man? I simply don’t understand what’s crossing his mind!!! Every single woman has been in the position of having no clue what the man next to her is thinking and why he’s acting the way that he is.

Often times, I’ve had the desire to get inside the head of a guy I was dating or entering a relationship with. Things that seemed crystal clear and perfectly obvious to me were interpreted in a completely different way by him.

As women, we usually tend to over-analyze. We find hidden messages in places where no such exist. We try to anticipate his next move in order to save ourselves from heartache and trouble. The thing is, every single person happens to be unique and unpredictable. Scientists have also proven that female and male brains work differently. Adding these challenges to the equation can lead to serious miscommunication between men and women.

This book is not going to give you all of the answers about men, their thoughts and emotions. It will, however, help you become a better communicator. Gone are the days of dating formulas and specific gender roles. Today, as women, we are free to pursue romantic interests in any way deemed appropriate. We can take the lead. We can be a bit aggressive. The good thing is that many men like the freedom that comes with the change in the traditional gender expectations.

Hopefully, the coming pages will make you feel a bit more enlightened and daring. Hopefully, they’ll give you the tools to communicate freely and openly with men. We’ll work together to solve a number of big mysteries and answer some questions ladies tend to have about guys. We’ll embark on a journey into the depth of the male soul. I hope that you’ll enjoy the anecdotes, the humor and the emotions I’ve weaved into every page. Don’t hesitate to contact me, leave some feedback or ask additional questions about the book. I’ll be more than glad to continue the exploration on the basis of your interests and questions.

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We really hope that you enjoy our new publication. Don’t hesitate to share your opinion with us. The entire team is looking forward to figuring out whether you’ve had fun with our latest ebook.