Tantra Yoga for Better Sex: How does it Work?

Tantra Yoga for Better Sex: How does it Work?

Most people have heard of the magic that tantra yoga can do for their sex life. Tantra is actually more of a philosophy than a sexual practice, yet people who practice tantric yoga experience intimacy in an entirely different way.

Tantra combines the physical and the spiritual. This philosophy and yoga practice turns sex into a highly spiritual experience. Yet, tantric practices require study, understanding, devotion and physical preparation.

Tantric practices come from India, where the philosophy was initially formed about 4000 years ago. This sexual practice allows an individual to achieve unity of the mind, body and soul. According to tantric philosophers, a person who practices this type of yoga connects to a partner on the spiritual level, thus experiencing the divine during an act of intimacy.

Many people have difficulties understanding and practicing tantra yoga, though the term has become very fashionable today. Tantra involves breathing exercises, muscle training, rituals for the creation of a sacred love place, meditation and massages. To accumulate sufficient sexual energy, tantra yoga followers can make love for hours, staying on the brim of orgasm during the entire time.

Emotions and Attitude

The aim of regular sex is achieving an orgasm. Tantra has no such aim. When practicing tantric sex, the two partners are mainly trying to connect to each other using both their bodies and emotionality.

Having the right attitude is very important when practicing tantric sex. Start looking at your partner in another way. Appreciate their perfection and beauty, the divine aspect that is revealed through each human being.

Tantra yoga can be used to improve your sexual life and to create stronger bonds with a partner. Once you stop perceiving sex as a simple physical act, you will experience intimacy in a whole new way.

Creating a Sacred Love Place

The place where tantric practices occur is of special importance. You have to turn your bedroom into a sacred place.

You need only several minutes to transform a simple room. Clean the bedroom. Get rid of all needless objects. Make the lights dim and place candles everywhere.

A bowl of fruits adds sensuality to the ambience. Place clean bed sheets and soft pillows on the bed. Create your own rituals to get rid of negative emotions and to fill the place with love and positive energy.

Body Purification

To experience spiritual unity, you need to purify your body. Water can help you get rid of worries, anxiety and dirt. A hot bath containing essential oils is the perfect option.

Bathing should turn into a slow, pleasant ritual. Taking a bath with your partner is even better option.

Once ready, perfume your body and get ready for sensual pleasures.

Love and Respect through Tantra Yoga

Pleasing a partner is a guiding tantric principle. The two of you should turn into the components of one whole.

Men need to perceive their women as a guiding force, giving birth to a new life. Tell your lady that you adore her. Describe how you enjoy her touch, smell and gentleness. Stimulate her to unleash her sexuality.

Women, on the other hand, should show their men that he is the only one. Show him the way to reveal his emotional side, since most men keep it hidden. He needs to feel respected and understood.

Tantric sex is very slow and gentle. Passion gives way to gentle, long touches and kisses. These unusual practices make stimulation and physical pleasure entirely new, as if never experienced before.

Tantra can significantly improve your sexual life. First of all, everything new will stimulate and excite you. Tantra will reveal aspects of sexuality that you never experienced before. It can help you bond with a partner into a deeper way. Further, tantra increases the pleasure and power of orgasm. All these aspects make tantric yoga worth a try.