The Dangers of Social Media Dating

The Dangers of Social Media Dating

Using social media for online dating can be refreshingly exciting. These websites give you access to the profiles of hundreds of people you will eventually feel attracted to. Yet, social media dating can hold some hidden dangers.

Just like other types of online dating, social media dating could be disappointing or even dangerous. Be careful and think about the possible threats before you take social media dating a step further.

Unreasonable Expectations

When looking for love online, many of us forget that various social media members are simply trying to have fun.

There is no way of knowing what the intentions of the other person truly are. For you, it could be a quest towards finding true love. For him, it may be a game or an opportunity to flirt with someone without looking for long term commitment.

Do your best to keep expectations under control when doing social media dating. Once the two of you take the relationship outside of Facebook, you will get to dream about the future on the basis of the feedback you get from the other person.

Being Mislead

One of the greatest dangers of all types of online dating is being misled. People often have alternative personalities that they use online. This alternative personality has little to do with the real person.

Many social media members use avatars instead of a real picture. They might refrain from providing personal information and their real name. Always remember that the person you are dating could be very different from what you imagine.

Social Media Dating and Privacy Issues

When giving someone access to your social media profile, you are giving that person access to some private information.

The private information that you share with strangers could be used to harm you. Be careful when sharing contact details, your address, pictures and other personal information.

If the main aim of your social media profile is online dating, try to keep it as modest as possible. Refrain from revealing all personal information immediately. Get to know someone before you share your real location, telephone number and personal views.


Social media dating could unfortunately turn into virtual harassment.

The problem with social media is that once you befriend somebody, the person will be given access to your profile, wall and pictures. This individual could start leaving inappropriate messages.

Further, social media harassment could take the form of annoying personal messages and chat requests. Finding a way to get out of the situation could be difficult.

Getting in Touch with Someone Who is Dangerous

The danger of contacting some malicious individual exists when you are involved in any form of online dating.

Social media are often used by people who create fake personalities for the sole reason of harming someone else. You can get in touch with a potentially dangerous person or with some adversary of yours, looking for revenge.

Always remember that some people, who have profiles in social media, are deceptive. Never take their words for granted or you could end up in a risky situation.

All rules valid for online dating apply to social media dating. You should enjoy it, yet remain cautious and careful. Refrain from giving access to your personal information and question the motivations of individuals who contact you. Taking basic safety measures will guarantee a pleasant and secure experience.