The Most Common Signs of Jealousy in Women

The Most Common Signs of Jealousy in WomenIt is easy to spot jealousy in a woman. Women are often unable to contain such strongly negative emotions as jealousy.

If the behavior of the woman you love is changing, if she starts monitoring your actions, accusing you of cheating and starting quarrels without any apparent reasons, you might be suffering the interference of jealousy in your relationship.

Top Signs of Jealousy in Women: She Fears the Women You Know

Your lady is feeling uneasy about your meetings with female friends, especially if these women are single and attractive.

She knows that you are purely friends, yet she makes scenes and asks you to refrain from seeing your friends. When you are out, you get constant phone calls from your girlfriend, who is checking the situation.

Women fear the interference of other women. Most of us live in fear that the men we love will abandon us for someone prettier, smarter and funnier. It is natural for her to be suspicious, as long as she can keep these feelings under control.

She Interrogates Your Friends

Another sign of jealousy is the desire of your woman to keep in touch with your friends and to examine your behavior while you are out with them.

After a night out, your friends get calls about what you did, who you met and what happened. She wants to control the situation and to know the people you are close to. She feels uneasy about your time spent with people she is not acquainted with. The feelings are strong if a number of women are members of that group.

She Inspects Your Mobile Phone and Mail

A jealous woman is unable to trust the man she loves. Even if he swears that he is faithful, she will get the urge to confirm his words.

A woman who feels jealousy will likely inspect the mobile phone, e-mail and chat history of her partner. She will scrutinize each detail and all information that appears odd or suspicious.

She is Disappointed When You Look at Other Women

You are walking down the street. You notice a stunningly beautiful lady. She smiles and you smile back. A big mistake if your partner is jealous.

A jealous woman will never tolerate the manner in which you appreciate the beauty of other women. She is likely to make a scene in public and to even forbid you to admire the assets of other women.

Jealousy turns each female into competition. Blinded by the feeling, your partner will be unable to make rational judgments about the situation and about your feelings for other women.

She ‘Accidentally’ Meets You after Work

She waits for you after work. She accidentally bumps into you when you are simply taking a walk.

If your woman is following you, if she appears everywhere you go and if she accidentally meets you when you go out of the café, you are experiencing a case of jealousy.

A jealous woman will do her best to remain by your side and to follow your activities. She feels uneasy if she has no information about your location and company.

She gets Upset When You Tell Her about Your Past Relationships

Naturally, she knows that you had other women before her. Yet, she feels bad about this fact.

A jealous woman is very likely to exhibit this feeling towards your ex-girlfriends. She might even accuse you of continuing your relations with women who were part of your life before.

The situation aggravates if you are still a friend with an ex. She will constantly feel insecure and scared that the sparks could appear once again and you could leave her for a woman that you used to love before.

Photo courtesy of: Frank Kovalchek