Sex on the First Date: Is it Acceptable and Other Important Questions

On many occasions, society makes us act against our wishes and natural desires. The list of socially-imposed taboos goes on and on for miles. Sex on the first date is one of these very powerful taboos. Though many people feel that the moment is right, they abstain from fulfilling their desires.

Sex on the first date usually brings negative connotation. Women who are fine with it are often considered easy or cheap. If a man desires sex during a first date, he is seen as pushy and interested solely in the physical aspect of a relationship.

Is society right about sex on the first date? It really depends. Each couple and situation is unique. What works fine for two people is entirely unacceptable for somebody else. Sex on the first date is perfectly fine if both individuals desire it and know what they are getting involved in. A relationship can evolve even if the two decide to jump in bed during the first encounter.

When is it ok to have sex on a first date and what are the disadvantages related to this spontaneous act?

What are the Benefits of Sex on the First Date?

Sometimes, the chemistry between two people is so strong that they feel fine about having sex on a first date.

Sex on a first date adds spontaneity and passion to a relationship. It demonstrates that these two individuals are free from stereotypes and daring enough to experiment. It can increase the proximity between two people.

The sexual aspect of a relationship allows two individuals to learn a lot about each other. If the chemistry continues being strong and they happen to be sexually compatible, these two people have significant chance of experiencing a hot and harmonious relationship.

Sex on the first date should not be examined in negative light. Sexuality today is much different from the conservative understandings of the past. If two people want something, it cannot be wrong.

Reasons Why having Sex on a First Date is Not a Good Idea

As exciting as it is, sex on the first date is related to some dangers. The related health danger is probably the most serious argument against first date sex.

Sex requires trust between partners. You can hardly trust someone you have just met. If you decide to enjoy sex on a first date, make sure that you use protection. Never agree to unprotected sex before you get to know the other person.

Further, some people may be too conservative. If you agree to first date sex, you could receive a label. You need to be able to evaluate the situation finely before you make up your mind. If the person you are dating is rather conservative, you minimize your chances of developing a relationship.

Trust Your Instincts!

When you have to make a decision about sex on a first date, it will be best to trust you instincts.

Most people are able to evaluate others finely, if they allow their intuition to work. Let your senses tell you whether sex is acceptable.

Do the things you want to do. After all, if the person fails accepting you for who you are, you have no chances of developing a relationship. Be cautious, yet do not deny yourself the pleasures and excitement that you need.

Forget about the Dating Stereotypes

Social stereotypes are very difficult to root out. If you want to enjoy each minute of your life, you need to discover a way to forget about artificial norms.

There is nothing wrong with having sex on the first date. Women and men today enjoy the same sexual liberties. If the person you are dating believes in stereotypes, you were probably not meant for each other.

Enjoy your life and do the things you want to do. A degree of healthy cautiousness is needed to guarantee your personal safety. As long as you know what you are doing, sex on a first date is perfectly fine.