How to Have a Fun and Safe One Night Stand

One night stands are fun, exciting, passionate and often unforgettable experiences for those who are interested in such casual fun.

To fully enjoy a one night stand, you need to do some planning and you must undertake a few safety measures. Ensuring your personal safety will help you relax fully and enjoy the night of passion you have ahead of you.

Though having a one night stand sounds quite simple, it can be associated with certain risks. Always have personal safety in mind, even if the night is turning out to be a perfect one. You never know what kinds of surprises await you.

Follow these simple steps if you want to have a fun and safe one night stand.

Safe One Night Stand Rule #1: It Should Be Your Place

Taking someone to your place lets you control the situation. You are familiar with the ambiance and you will be more comfortable and relaxed if you are in your own apartment.This will have an impact on safety, as well as on the quality of the experience.

If the person insists on taking you to their place, judge the situation carefully. Trust your instincts and if you feel that something is wrong, turn the offer down.

Remember that no one night stand is worth the risk. Even if the person is exceptionally attractive and seductive, you have to remain cautious. Never trust strangers entirely and never let your guard down.

Let a Friend Know Where You Are

If you decide to go to their place, telephone a friend discretely and let them know where you will be during the night.

Having someone to rely on is always useful, especially if you have to make an emergency escape.

The fact that someone knows where you are and will be willing to come to the rescue if necessary will help you relax and feel safer.

Safety First!

Safe sex is a must every single time, whether you’re on a first date, in a committed relationship or about to have a one night stand. You do not know the person. Always have condoms, in case your partner for the night lacks some.

Never agree to unprotected sex during a one night stand. Even if the heat is up, even if the person is convincing you that nothing wrong can happen, you have to remain alert and careful.

Needless to say, the dangers associated to unprotected sex are many, some of them – life threatening.

Trust Your Instincts for a Safe One Night Stand

If your instinct tells you that something is wrong and if you have second thoughts about the person, it will be better to give up the idea of a one night stand.

Our instincts and senses can rarely mislead us. If something seems to be suspicious, you will subconsciously know that.

Most people regret not going with their gut feeling. While the flirt and the adrenaline may somewhat interfere with your judgment, you should still ask yourself if the particular interaction seems right. Anything that turns you off should be a major red flag and it should keep you from moving forward with the intimate experience.

No one night stand is worth the risk. Always think of yourself before you agree to anything. If you feel uncomfortable or uneasy with something, the best strategy will be to refrain from doing it. Safe one night stands are all about mutual respect and keeping your head on your shoulders before the actual fun begins. Good luck and we hope that you’ll have a wonderful experience.