Causes of Dreams about Partner Infidelity

Causes of Dreams about Partner Infidelity

Congratulations! You have finally discovered the perfect partner. The person who makes all your dreams come true and gives you the tenderness and love you have always sought.

This dream has the potential to suddenly turn into a nightmare. Literally. The person you are madly in love with has an affair in your dreams. Sounds familiar? Do you know what causes you to dream about your partner’s infidelity?

Dreaming about your partner having an affair usually has little to do with your partner’s intentions to truly cheat on you. Partner indifelity portrayed by your sub-consciousness is often indicative of personal issues and insecurities that you’ve found yourself incapable of addressing.

Dreams about Partner Infidelity Reveal Your Own Insecurity

Such dreams usually express a person’s insecurity and anxiety. These reflect on the manner in which the dreamer’s mentality is functioning, rather than on the deceitful nature of a partner in a relationship.

Finding the perfect match often brings lots of worries to the surface. A person would naturally want to make this relationship work and last. Putting so much effort into a relationship can certainly affect the mentality. And dreams are the mirror of a person’s subconsciousness. They reveal all worries and desires that we try to stack on the back shelf of our mentality.

Look deep inside yourself. Are you scared that your partner deserves something better and will sooner or later leave you? Or perhaps you have been hurt so many times before that you have difficulties trusting people? Maybe you have experienced betrayal in past relationships? Finding the source of your worries is the first step to dealing with them.

Are You Dealing with Self-Confidence Issues?

Dreams of infidelity might also reveal lack of confidence. Often, people in a serious relationship believe that they have found the perfect match but that they fail meeting expectations. Having troubles with self-esteem will make you believe that your partner might be looking for a better option.


Such dreams can also occur whenever a partner is paying too much attention to work or hobbies. Said in other words, such dreams may reveal some jealousy to the activities that make a partner in a relationship content and occupied for long periods of time. As selfish as it is, a person in love demands lots of attention. The mind sends signals whenever this attention is not received.

Talk to your partners about these fears. The only manner to solve a problem is to communicate it. Discussions help especially in terms of low confidence problems. If you love the specific person so much, you owe some honesty. Lay your cards on the table and share your worries. You will be surprised at the relief you will get.