The Best Natural Remedies for Thinning Hair

The Best Natural Remedies for Thinning HairThinning hair is a problem that can be overcome with difficulty. Though numerous hair strength and volume products are sold, few of them manage to do the trick of making hair thicker. Using natural remedies for thinning hair is one great option for restoring its health.

The reasons for thinning hair are numerous. The use of medications, birth control pills, pregnancy, menopause, thyroid disorders, unbalanced diet and stress can all result in thinning hair.

Some of the best methods to deal with the problem can be found in your home, specifically – in the kitchen. You can make use of various natural remedies to treat thinning hair. Fruits, vegetables and essential oils can be used in the creation of masks and conditioners that can restore hair health and make your locks appear thicker.

The most important aspect you need to keep in mind is that hair is made of proteins. If your diet is poor in protein, hair will lack the building blocks it needs to be healthy and strong. You need a well-balanced diet that includes variety of proteins, minerals and vitamins.

Circulation is also important in terms of providing hair with the nutrients it needs. Scalp massage will improve circulation in the region of the head and will increase the supply of nutrients. Brushing your hair and using your fingertips to gently press against the scalp are both forms of massage.

Some natural products are known for the positive influence on hair health. These products can be successfully used during scalp massage. Select castor oil, coconut oil, olive oil or apple vinegar.

Vegetable juices that are also known for helping hair growth can be made from spinach, carrots and lettuce.

You can also create various masks that can be used to successfully treat thinning hair.

Take several pieces of rye bread and soak them in beer. Once the bread becomes soft, mix well until you get a thick mask. Apply to the scalp and keep on your hair for approximately 30 minutes. Wash using lukewarm water and your regular shampoo. Apply some conditioner.

Another mask can be prepared using almond oil, one tablespoon of lemon juice, one tablespoon of vodka, one egg yolk and several tablespoons of yogurt. Mix until you get a homogeneous mask. Apply to the root of hair and use a comb to distribute evenly over the entire length of your hair. Keep the mask on for two hours.

Warm some olive oil and add one egg yolk. Massage into the scalp and keep the mask on for one hour. Use this mask twice per week in order to restore the structure of hair and to make each individual hair thicker.

The milk mask is probably the most suitable remedy for thinning hair. Mix one tablespoon of crushed oat flakes, one tablespoon of castor oil and several tablespoons of milk. The mask needs to be applied for four hours.

There is no need to spend significant amounts of money on hair restoration products. Some of the most efficient remedies are natural. Try a few of the natural remedies for thinning hair to test their efficiency and figure out which one is going to be most suitable for your particular case.

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