Low Sex Drive in Men: Some of the Most Common Causes

Low Sex Drive in Men: Some of the Most Common Causes

Society has imposed a strictly stereotypical image of men – they are the ones always ready and willing to have sex. This image contradicts sharply with reality. Sometimes, men lose their libido due to both emotional and physical factors.

Stress and personal problems can cause low sex drive in men. The same applies to the use of medications and drugs. Other times, low libido results from personal unresolved issues and worries.

Alcoholism and Drug Abuse

The excessive consumption of alcohol affects severely the male libido.

Apart from diminishing the sexual desire, alcohol can cause erectile dysfunction and sterility.

Alcohol has the power to seriously affect the brain, as well as other vital body organs. It can suppress the function of specific brain areas, responsible for controlling the function of the reproductive system.

Drug abuse can also result in decreased libido. The same applies to nicotine. Apart from decreasing the sexual desire, the abuse of drugs and cigarettes could result in sterility.

The Most Serious Causes of Low Sex Drive in Men: Obesity

Obesity has the power to affect negatively the male libido. The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism published research that established direct link between excessive weight and the loss of sexual desire.

As the body mass index (BMI) of men increases, their sexual desire and testosterone level go down. Sexual desire begins increasing as soon as a man loses even a small amount of weight.

Other research confirms that the testosterone level of overweight men is as much as 50 percent lower than the level of men having regular weight.

Other Medical Conditions Causing Low Sex Drive in Men

Prescribed medications can affect sexual desire in men. Various medications have loss of libido as a side effect.

Endocrine problems could also result in lower libido.

Another medical condition that affects the sex drive of men is diabetes. Men suffering from diabetes can experience erectile dysfunction as a result of their condition. Diabetes could result in nerve and blood vessel damage, which in turn affects sexual performance.

A low level of testosterone is another major reason for libido loss. Testicular dysfunction and the usage of medications can affect the level of the hormone.


Stress and personal problems often result in decreased sexual desire. If a man is troubled by work problems and personal dilemmas, he will probably lose sexual desire.

Just like with other emotional problems, the loss of libido that results from stress can be dealt with as soon as the man manages to overcome the crisis.


Fatigue affects both the sexual performance and the sexual desire of a man.

Insomnia and excessive workload will affect the male libido. Sexual activity requires physical effort and lacking the energy needed for it will certainly affect sex drive.

Relationship Problems and Infidelity

Problems between the partners have tremendous power of affecting their sexual life. Unresolved issues or other sources of anger and disappointment have the power to cause low sex drive in men.

Talking to each other is the only way to deal with this problem. Partners need to know each other’s thoughts and expectations in order to be able to work things out.

Infidelity and lack of love in a couple will also affect sex life negatively.

Before undertaking anything dramatic, talk to your partner. Explore the issue and try to discover the root of the problem. If necessary, consult a sexologist or a therapist. Most often, decreased libido can be dealt with easily.