The Multiple Benefits of Living Together Before Marriage

Couples in love have to take one difficult decision that will determine the manner in which their relationship will evolve. They can select to either live together before marriage or to postpone sharing a home and starting a life together. Living together before marriage sounds incredibly exciting but it can also be terrifying.

Most people worry about living with a partner and such anxiety is nothing but normal. Spending a lot of time together and dealing with the practical aspects of being a couple can take magic out of the equation. Living together before marriage could reveal a side of the other person that one isn’t prepared to handle at the time being (or ever!).

Living together before marriage, however, is the best possible test drive. If you want to find out if the relationship is meant to be, you should consider this possibility. To give you a better idea about what you should expect, here are some of the key benefits of living together before marriage.

Learn about the Practical Side of Love

Remember that living with another person, even if that person is the love of your life, brings practical issues to the scene.

Love often takes a step back, whenever tasks like doing the laundry, gardening and cleaning the house become predominant.

The distribution of chores often leads to quarrels and misunderstanding. Getting ready to meet those obstacles before marrying a partner will guarantee the smooth transition from a couple in love to a family. Partners need to tackle those issues and to set rules clearly in order to avoid conflicts and accusations.

The sooner you understand the practical side of living with your partner, the easier it will be for the two of you to balance duties and to split responsibilities.

Managing Financial Issues

People sharing the same house deal together with financial issues and bills. Trying to do that before getting married will give you a glimpse of the monetary side of cohabitation.

Paying bills and living on a joint budget can often be problematic in the very beginning. A person used to the financial independence of being single might be reluctant to give up some personal funds for joint expenses.

It is important to tackle those financial affairs gently but firmly at the same time. Money and bills feature among the issues that cause family quarrels way too often. Living together before getting married will help you find out whether the two of you can work on financial issues together.

Living Together Before Marriage Builds Trust and Understanding

Living with another person signifies that you are exposing your most intimate side. It means that two people share the same living space and explore each other at their most vulnerable.

Granting another person access to your individual space will help you build trust and understanding.

Living together with a partner means that you will have to learn about compromise and taking into consideration the needs and desires of another person. Sharing a home takes selfishness away.

Granting access to your personal life will make the bond with your partner even stronger. Sharing each morning with your loved person brings even more intimacy than making love. Caring for each other, getting a feel of daily routines, hobbies and preferences will let you learn much about the person you love. Refraining from living together before getting married deprives you of wonderful moments that you could have created while sharing a home.

The Key to Finding the Relationship Balance

Moving in together will allow you to find the balance between being in love and taking care of practical issues.

The sooner two people start sharing a home, the sooner they find out if their love was meant to be. Sometimes, passion and infatuation with another person are mistaken with love. Living together over a longer period of times enables a person to clarify the situation and to analyze feelings. If you find it difficult to live with your partner, you were probably not meant for each other.

Keeping love pure and untainted by practical daily affairs prolongs the fairytale but might end in disaster, once two people start living together. To know if it is real, you need to experience all aspects of life with a partner before the long-desired ‘I do.’