How to Keep the Weight Off during Holiday Season: Three Simple Tips

Keeping the weight off during the holiday season can be exceptionally difficult and some even view it as a mission impossible. You have all these parties and wonderful dinners to attend and you will be holding some culinary fiestas at your home, as well.In addition, people tend to be in a lavish mood that comes in stark contrast with restrictions.

Are you wondering how to keep the weight off during holiday season? You’re not alone. Many people experience the same struggles and emotional turmoils in the middle of the happiest time of the year.

Is it possible to maintain your weight and refrain from piling extra pounds during the holiday season? You will need some strong will and motivation to achieve that but staying fit is possible, even if you are tempted by the biggest culinary masterpieces.

How to Keep the Weight Off during Holiday Season: Family Dinners and Challenges

Being invited to a dinner is somehow delicate. You cannot turn down the host, saying that you are watching your weight. This way you will offend your friend or relative, who has put significant time and effort in making a dinner.

Try to have several small meals during the day. Skipping meals so that you can eat large amounts during the dinner is a very wrong practice.

When you have eaten, you will be able to control your appetite. Have small servings and eat slowly. This is the only certain way to consume smaller amounts of food than the rest of the people on the dinner table.

Try to refrain from adding sauces and dressings to the main course and salads. These tasty additions contain large amounts of calories.

Making Your Parties Fun and Healthy

Counting calories is something you can do when cooking a holiday dinner. The food can be both tasty and healthy.

Meat should be grilled or stewed. Go for chicken over other types of meat. Frying and adding heavy sauces are two practices to avoid.

Pay close attention to the side dishes and go for healthy options. Forget about French fries. Stewed vegetables are a better alternative. They are tasty and rich in fiber. Further, you can combine many types of vegetables.

Desserts are usually a big problem. Cakes and sweets are full of calories. You can make a healthy and tasty fruit salad (refrain from adding cream to it). If you want to offer your guests an option, prepare some more nutritional desserts but refrain from eating any of them.

Remember that liquid calories should also be taken into consideration. Alcoholic beverages are often neglected but they contain calories, as well. Limit the number of drinks you are having.

Additional Tips on Staying Fit during the Holidays

Drinking water throughout the day is very important. It regulates the metabolism and will help you burn calories faster.

Even if it is difficult to do that during the holiday season, keep your fitness routine alive. Practicing and burning calories will help you maintain your good shape while simultaneously enjoying the lovely seasonal meals. There’s no need to go to the gym, you can enjoy an array of other activities. Building a snowman with your kids, ice skating and dancing can all have a cardio component that will help you stay fit.

Avoid sodas. They are full of calories and harmful. If you need to drink something, opt for water or a glass of fruit juice.

Finally, remember to have fun and enjoy high quality, homemade foods. A little bit of indulgence isn’t going to ruin your body. If you’re wondering how to keep the weight off all the time, you will feel quite stressed out. Stress contributes to weight gain, which is why you should be having fun and loosening up a bit. Even if you gain a pound or two, you’ll quickly lose the extra weight when you go back to your usual routine.