How to Increase Your Sex Drive Naturally: Five Options to Try

How to Increase Your Sex Drive Naturally: Five Options to TryWork, financial issues and daily problems can often lead to decreased sex drive. Many people feel so exhausted and worn out in the end of the day that intimacy is the last thing on their mind. Do you experience the same thing? There could be some great ways to increase your sex drive naturally.

Several simple and natural ways can help you regain your sexual desire and bring your libido back to high levels. Though it may seem strange and unbelievable, specific foods and certain practices can wake up your sex drive.

Wake Up Your Sex Drive through Food

Since ancient time, people have known and used the power of aphrodisiacs. These foods have the power to wake up the libido of even the most uninterested person. Chili can heat things up both literally and figuratively. Some of its ingredients have the power to improve circulation and to affect positively sexual desire.

Chocolate is another natural aphrodisiac. It can increase the level of endorphins and improve the mood and predisposition of an individual. The same applies to marine foods like oysters, crab and others.

Asparagus is often neglected but it contains large amounts of vitamin E, which improves the circulation of oxygen and blood to all parts of the body, including the reproductive organs/

Some foods should be avoided, since they can decrease libido. Foods that contain large amounts of lipids and carbohydrates should be avoided, since these lead to the constriction of blood vessels. Foods that are rich in sugar and salt can make orgasm more difficult to achieve and can also diminish libido.

Increase Your Sex Drive Naturally by Exercising

Physical activity can wake up your sex drive, since it improves circulation and tones up the body.

Exercises will also increase the level of endorphins in blood, thus resulting in higher sexual desire.

Apart from rejuvenating your sex drive, exercise will help you stay in shape and will maintain your confidence. Feeling attractive and sexy can act as a powerful aphrodisiac.

Moderate Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages

We all know that a drink after work can help us relax and feel better. A glass of wine shared with your loved one can bring passion to live and increase your sexual desire.

A glass or two of an alcoholic beverage will help you forget your inhibitions. Keep in mind that excessive alcohol consumption can have an opposite effect – it will kill your libido and bring your sexual energy to the ground.

Quit Smoking to Increase Your Sex Drive Naturally

Cigarette smoking has long been known to interfere with sexual desire.

Smoking constricts blood vessels and limits the flow of blood and oxygen to organs, including to reproductive organs.

Add high libido to the other factors that can motivate you to quit smoking.

Work on Your Self-Confidence

Self confidence and your own perception of your body and sexual abilities can either increase or entirely kill your sexual desire.

In order to repossess your libido, you need to work on your confidence. Liberate yourself from stereotypes and inhibitions.

Being in a relationship signifies that someone finds you attractive and desirable enough to share your bed. If you are single, learn how to flirt boldly. Nothing can increase your libido like a nice flirt with a hot individual.

Learn how to like yourself and to feel attractive if you wish to be desired.

Drink More Coffee

Coffee can wake you and your sexual drive up. Nice, aromatic coffee can stimulate libido because of the presence of caffeine.

The same applies to other products rich in caffeine like chocolate, cocoa and black tea.

These are just some of the options you can try to increase your sex drive naturally. Remember that talking to your partner about any frustrations experienced in the bedroom is essential for enjoying a much more satisfactory intimate life. Working on issues together will bring you closer and do a lot for the relationship.

Photo courtesy of, author: Philip Date