The Health Benefits of Mint Tea

The Health Benefits of Mint Tea

Mint makes excellent refreshing beverages and is one of the ingredients needed for a nice, cold mojito. Did you know that mint tea actually has numerous health benefits? Mint is one of the most popular herbs due to its various applications.

The health benefits of mint tea are diversified, making it great for just about everyone.

The aromatic herb was known and used in the distant past. Tea was prepared using the leaves, which are known for their refreshing taste. The first people to discover the qualities of mint lived in North Africa and travelers later on carried the herb to Europe. One of the tea’s most appreciated qualities was its ability to quench thirst for a long period of time.

Ancient Romans used mint to enhance brain activity and to stimulate memory.

Keep in mind that before you start drinking mint tea, you should know whether you are allergic to the plant. A mint allergy could result in some undesired side effects.

Medics believe that the health benefits of mint tea result from the presence of menthol in the composition of mint leaves. Menthol gives mint its specific, fresh taste.

Mint tea is especially beneficial during the autumn and the winter. It is known to help in cases of dizziness, stomachache and indigestion. The tea has anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps in cases of gallbladder problems, diarrhea and pancreatitis.

Mint inhalations are used to deal with respiratory problems. The herb is especially beneficial in cases of bronchitis. It acts as an antiseptic and a painkiller.

The herb is also known for its ability to lower blood pressure and to stimulate the heart. Mint tea is known to effectively help in cases of atherosclerosis and persistent headaches related to high blood pressure.

Some natural healers use mint tea to treat vertigo, insomnia, headache and depression.

Mint is an effective weapon against bad breath. It can be consumed in the form of a tea or chewed when the situation requires more drastic measures These are just some of the health benefits of mint tea. The applications of the herb aren’t limited to solely infusions, however.

Mint oil massages are also helpful. These can be used to effectively deal with menstrual cycle irregularities.

Replacing your morning coffee with a cup of mint tea will help you in the fight against extra pounds.

Mint tea, unlike other herbal teas, suppresses appetite and stimulates digestion. These qualities can be used in your weight control program. Even if the tea fails producing major effects, it is soothing and improves the functioning of the nervous system.

Some studies are currently being carried out to determine whether mint tea can be used to control excessive body hair. Some scientists believe that mint has the power to block the activity of male hormones responsible for hair formation.

The tea can be consumed whenever you feel like enjoying a nice, refreshing drink. It can be used as a morning refreshment or as a soothing treat before going to sleep. For better results, drink your tea with some honey and lemon.