How to Survive a Breakup: Tips for Girls

How to Survive a Breakup: Tips for Girls

Thousands of articles about getting over a break-up have already been written. Some provide useful information while others can frankly be labeled as ‘nonsense.’ So are you asking yourself how to survive a breakup? You’re not alone!

The simple fact is that getting over a break-up can never be simple and structured. A person going through a break-up believes that completeness will be achieved never again. Break-ups are connected to severe pain, confusion, sorrow, insecurity and anger.

Every individual survives in a specific way. There is no universal formula that an article can describe in detail. Yet, following some simple steps can minimize the pain and negative emotions associated with a break-up.

The first rule that you need to understand when going through a break-up is that no rules exist. The things that are useful for one individual will be seen as devastating by another. Follow your heart and the recovery process will soon get started.

Be Patient

You cannot get over a break-up overnight. Some people need months, others recover for years.

Be patient and take your time. It may be seem that the pain and loneliness will be endless but the fact is that when the right time comes, you will feel it.

All the negative emotions you are experiencing are perfectly natural and acceptable. Refrain from fighting your own self. Cry if you need to. Pretending to be strong will only make things more difficult.

Express Feelings

Find an emotional release. The most harmful thing you can do to yourself is keeping all feelings inside.

The anger needs to go out. Yell. Break fine objects if you get the sudden urge to do so. Slam doors, cry your heart out and burn your ex’s pictures. Though these practices may be seen as destructive by some, the fact is that they will help you discharge all the negativity stocked inside you.

Refrain from keeping silent and apathetic. Be yourself and express your emotions. As soon as you get it all out, you will receive your chance for a fresh start.

The Importance of a Support System

Isolating yourself from your dearest ones is a major mistake.

People who are trying to recover from a break-up often prefer seclusion and being left alone. The fact is that loneliness will get you thinking about past mistakes and could result in depression.

Rely on your friends and relatives. They love you and will be next to you during times of pain. Refrain from pushing these people away. Even if you want to be left alone, try to keep your loved ones involved.

Give Yourself a New Start

The initial pain has subsided. You once again feel capable of living. The time is right for a fresh start.

Redecorate your house. Turn it into a completely new place. Be bold in your experimentation. Try a new look that will make you feel rejuvenated.

Cut contact with your ex. Communication can only throw you back in depression. You are about to start a new and exciting stage in your life. Get rid of everything and everyone pulling you back.

Get rid of memories. Throw away photos and gifts. A little item can prove to be very harmful, even if significant amount of time has already passed.

Work on Your Self-Confidence

Instead of pitying yourself and hiding in your bed, go out and work on your self-confidence after a break-up.

Give yourself a new look. Change your hairstyle. Have your nails polished. Be bold in terms of make-up and outfits.

When you feel ready for it, rediscover the art of flirting. It will make you feel desirable and sexy once again. Do the things that make you feel good about yourself.

How to Survive a Breakup Extra Tip: Do Something Wild

If you want to get completely over the break-up do something wild and outrageous that your ex would have never approved.

Go rafting. Or paragliding. Party each night and be as shameless as you want to be.

Get a tattoo or a piercing. Feel alive and enjoy yourself. Rediscover all the pleasures you had forgotten about while you were in a relationship.

Surviving a break-up can rarely be easy. A bad break-up could leave you scarred for a long period of time. Give yourself a break. The pain will be over one day. You will live and love again. Take as much time as you need to heal. The sun will shine on your street again.