Learning how to seduce a man

Learning how to seduce a manMany people claim that seduction is an art that few have managed to master. Seduction has never been about open and aggressive sex appeal. This game is much more delicate and requires numerous skills and the use of intuition. Do you know how to seduce a man? Are you having fun with it?

Seducing a man can be an exciting and unique experience. Some women feel uncomfortable about their own selves and skills. The result is that they shy away from the seduction game.

To be seductive, you have to learn how to appreciate and like yourself. When you manage to achieve a degree of confidence and self-awareness, you will be able to start tempting men. A woman who feels sexy will be seen as an appealing one by others.

Reading a manual will do little to improve your seduction skills. Experiment and get to know what the rules of this game are. The more you enjoy it, the better you will become at it.

Body Language

Seduction is about covert gestures and signals. Its delicacy and fine balance make it exciting and very tempting.

Body language is your best asset. Use every bit of skin to temp, tease and attract. A smile, a hand move, lip licking or pushing a lock of hair back can all be seen as exceptionally sexy.

Use your body. Let it speak instead of your mouth. Your eyes can speak and they can be very eloquent. The same applies to your smile. Use these assets to tempt a man and to establish a connection.

The Most Important Rule of How to Seduce a Man: Confidence

If you lack self-confidence, you should refrain from trying to seduce anyone. You have to know who you are in order to step into this field.

Nothing could be sexier than a woman who knows what her value is. Appreciate all of your assets. Be aware of your defects but keep them under control. Your fears and insecurities should never dictate your decisions.

Be a woman who is happy with herself. Inner peace is sexy. Discover it!


Remember that seduction is far from aggressive sexual demonstration. Tease and give little hints. Let him use his imagination to fill the gaps.

If you have the option to touch him, do it gently. Use your fingertips to gently caress his hand. Once you do that step back and keep some distance between the two of you. Approach him and quickly move away. Make him desire you strongly.

Men are attracted by hints and the thought of what they could have. Give the man you are flirting with some clues but make sure he is aware of the fact that the best is yet to come.

Be a Mysterious Lady

We all know that someone in tempting lingerie is much sexier than a fully nude individual. This is so because sexy lingerie reveals some and suggests the rest. It gives the fantasy of a man some food and sets the process in motion.

When you are seducing a man, try to be a mysterious lady. Refrain from laying all your cards on the table.

Hinting and leaving small clues is often underestimated. In an attempt to make a great first impression, many women forget about being secretive. Let him wonder. You will stimulate him this way.

What to Wear?

The big question when it comes to seduction is outfit selection. Should you demonstrate all that you have or should you remain more old school?

Seduction is about discovering the delicate balance between the erotic and the conservative. If you step too far to one side, you will spoil the effect that you have managed to achieve.

So, what outfit should you choose for the big night? Make sure that it is something comfortable and reflecting on your personality. If you usually dress casually, selecting extra high stiletto heels and a mini skirt will make you feel uneasy.

You can be sexy without pretending to be someone you are not. Find an outfit that compliments your figure. Accessories and makeup are important, as well. Remember that scents have the power to influence and lure. Your perfume selection is just as important as your outfit choice.

The Way You Talk and the Way You Laugh

Apart from chemistry, seduction involves the ability to maintain a pleasant conversation and to get a man even more excited about meeting you.

Conversation should occur naturally. Being yourself and being in control of the situation are of vital importance. Show him that you are witty, self-aware and emotional. Demonstrate a sense of humor. Men love women who can make fun of themselves and who can make people around them laugh.

Laugh! Your laughter is sexy. Laugh as loud as you like to. Let your smile and face flirt with him. Your laughter and smile will make you shine.

Remember to keep eye contact constant. Look him in the eyes, show him that you like him. Show him how feminine and confident you are.

Seduction is an art. It is about mystery, delicacy, femininity and intelligence. Aggressive and loud sex appeal can rarely be effective. Show him that a great, fun, sexy person is hiding underneath the cover.

The most important tip of learning how to seduce a man is to have fun. If you are enjoying the flirt, he probably is experiencing the same. Forget about inhibitions and morale. The night is all about you and your wishes. Do what you feel is appropriate and enjoy the game.

Photo courtesy of:  Girish Suryawanshi