How to Help Your Wife Lose Weight

Telling your wife that she needs to lose weight is certain to result in an apocalypse, no matter how good your intentions are.

As the man next to her, you should be there to encourage rather than criticize. This is why you don’t need to wonder how to help your wife lose weight. You simply have to be by her side. The decision has to come from within but if she wants to drop the pounds, you can offer some assistance. Being gentle, being compassionate and being 100 percent involved will be of paramount importance. In fact, weight loss could help you bond because you’ll be trying to accomplish an important goal together. Here’s how to do it.

How to Help Your Wife Lose Weight: Do it Together

The best way to stimulate your wife to lose weight is to suggest the two of you doing it together. We all need someone to push and stimulate us (this is why working out with a friend happens to be so effective). Needless to say, you’re also going to benefit from the process.

You can tell her that you feel a bit out of shape and would like to start a healthier regime, including a new nutritional plan and physical activities. Ask your wife if she would like to join you in discovering a healthier lifestyle.

This strategy is gentle and effective. Acting this way will not offend your wife and will show your willingness to go on a journey together. She will be happy to start a healthier life and she will know that she can count on you to keep moving towards the goal.

Show Some Concern for Her Health

Show your wife that you care about her health. Never mention weight as an issue. Tell her that some lifestyle changes could be introduced to make you both feel healthier and fitter.

Suggest walks in the park as a way to be more active and to spend more time together. Help her buy groceries and put emphasis on healthier foods, fruits and vegetables. If the two of you enjoy picnics and hiking – start doing that on weekends.

Compassion and understanding will help your wife in accepting changes. She will know that you care about her. This will make the introduction of new and healthier routines less painful.

Be There During Every Step of the Way

Offer your wife a helping hand in the kitchen.

Preparing meals can be fun. Offer her help in food preparation and start cooking lighter and healthier meals. Replace fried foods and burgers with vegetables and chicken. Food should be either boiled or baked. Forget about pasta, French fries and cakes.

Your willingness to replace your wife in the kitchen will make her happy. She will gladly accept the nutrition change, as long as she knows that you put serious effort in preparing a meal especially for her.

Exercise Together

Each couple needs to spend some time together. You can suggest some new activities that you and your wife can get involved in to both feel healthier and have a stronger bond.

You can start jogging together. Maybe the two of you enjoy playing table tennis, tennis or basketball? Select a sport that your wife likes and would be happy to practice.

This strategy will both help you in getting fit and spending more time in activities together. The two of you will enjoy it strongly. Naturally, after sharing a sports afternoon, you can share a shower to bring romanticism to the scene.

Be gentle with your wife and show respect for her feelings. She probably realizes that she needs to lose weight but making the first step in that direction is often difficult. Show compassion and the desire to help her in this transformation. Be there for her and do all it takes to make her feel comfortable and liked.