How to Breathe While Running: Tips for Beginners

Knowing how to control breathing effectively during running exercises is very important. It will guarantee both the good condition of the runner and the success level of the exercise.

Often, people who have just started running lack an idea about proper breathing techniques and the manners in which breathing can be controlled during running. This lack of knowledge will soon get them tired and feeling exhausted.

During running, breathing can be impeded, which leads to muscle pain, poor performance and fatigue. Before a person starts running, several types of breathing exercises should be mastered.

Strenuous exercise increases the body’s need for oxygen. Muscles will need constant supply to continue performing at their best. Mastering breathing control will require some focus and concentration in the very beginning. As you master the techniques, you will be able to exercise control subconsciously without even thinking about it.

Several simple exercises will help you learn how to breath properly during running.

Deep Breathing

In order to take very deep breaths, you need to learn how to use the diaphragm alongside your lungs.

Deep breathing relaxes the body and diminishes stress. Further, it increases the lung capacity – an aspect that is very important during running.

Learning deep breathing is relatively easy. Try to take a very deep breath, as to feel your entire lungs. Hold the air for five seconds and expire slowly. If you are doing this exercise while running, refrain from holding your breath.

Taking very deep breaths will provide all your organs and muscles with larger amounts of oxygen and will help

Rhythmical Breathing

Learning how to follow a specific breathing rhythm can also make your running sessions more effective. Beginners usually forget to breathe, too concentrated on doing the exercise.

Listening to music will help you breathe rhythmically. If you have a portable music player, use it while running. Let your breathing follow the melody. Try to have music that follows the same rhythm so that you will be able to maintain your breathing rate steady throughout the session.

How to Breathe While Running: Inhale and Exhale with Each Step

If you are not into music, you can use your steps to regulate the manner in which you breathe during running.

For example, you can inhale during two steps and exhale during the coming two. Change the frequency, if you feel uneasy or dizzy following this rhythm.

Basically, counting or finding a rhythm is the best way to maintain steady breathing throughout the exercise.

Having the same breathing rate throughout the session is of major importance. Some people start finely but once the exercise intensifies, they begin taking shallow breaths. This strategy is very wrong, as it deprives muscles of oxygen during a time when it is strongly needed. Learning how to breathe deeply may take some time but the results will be worth it. Proper breathing will allow you to run for a longer period of time without getting tired and to actually enjoy the exercise.