How does Food Affect Acne?

How does Food Affect Acne?

How does food affect acne? Nutritionists are still unable to reach an agreement concerning the manner in which specific diets affect acne. Some believe that a direct relation between foods and the appearance of acne does exist, others reject this theory. In their belief, acne is entirely connected to puberty and hormones.

Even if acne results from hormonal activity, some foods can be used to counter it and to make skin cleaner and less oily.

Proper diet is important in the treatment of various conditions. The correct selection and combination of different foods can also help in treating acne problems.

If your skin is too oily, it probably is a wise idea to limit the intake of oily and fried foods. You will know what limitations to introduce – the condition of your skin will start changing. If you notice that acne appears after significant consumption of one type of food (potato chips, for example), limit its intake.

There is no strict set of rules to follow since each person is unique. Foods that could be beneficial for some could turn out to be harmful for others.

Keep in mind that your body uses skin pores to get rid of toxins. Some toxins are contained in foods and could lead to acne.

Consume more fruits and vegetables. Meatless dishes are useful to facilitate the functioning of the digestive system, which in turn diminishes the amount of toxins in the body. Further, fruits and vegetables contain large amounts of vitamins and minerals that skin needs to be healthy and clean.

A Mediterranean diet could be very useful in the fight against acne, since it is based on healthy eating. The diet includes lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, fish and marine products, olive oil, whole grain bread, fresh nuts and a moderate amount of wine. The meats consumed should be clean from fat (chicken and turkey).

Refrain from eating too much chocolate. Bread is fine, as long as its quantity remains limited.

Limit the amount of salt you use. Salt contains sodium, which makes the organism retain water and slows down metabolic processes. The same applies to soda, sweetened fruit juices and foods containing preservatives.

Your body needs water. Drink at least two liters per day.

You can consume all the foods you like but moderate amounts are of key importance. Try to limit added sugars and oil – the amount of lipids contained in meat is entirely sufficient to meet the needs of the body.

Experiment to see what types of foods make your skin clear and what products could eventually contribute to the appearance of acne. Use your own senses and bodily reactions to determine the diet that will help you in dealing with acne.