How do You Know if It's True Love

How do You Know if It's True Love

How do you know if it’s true love? True love has no definition. You will never be able to follow a simple formula that can help you determine whether the romance you are experiencing is the real thing. True love demands no explanations and criteria to fulfill. When you have found it, you know that the feeling is real and long-lasting.

Love is inexplicable and irrational. It is full of contradictions, yet entirely logical. Love cannot be categorized and classified. True love can be sensed. It reveals itself through each word, each gesture and touch.

In the early stages of a relationship, people can confuse true love with infatuation. It could be difficult determining what exactly is going on. A person experiencing such powerful emotions will be confused, ecstatic and anxious.

Which signs show you that you are experiencing the real thing? How do yo know if it’s true love? The answer is simple, yet tremendously complex.

How do You Know if It’s True Love: Trust your Senses

When experiencing love, trust your heart instead of your mind. Your rational thinking can be a bad adviser, when deciding on love matters.

Switch your mind off. Forget about the worries that people in love experience. Let your heart do the talking. If it feels right, it probably is.

When your heart trembles with desire, when it stops beating the minute you see your partner, when it starts racing after a tender kiss, you can be certain that you are experiencing true love.

Often, society, norms, stereotypes and daily problems can get in the way of true love. Let your heart decide.

Does it Feel Right?

Even if your relationship defies all rules, you feel comfortable and perfectly fine. True love feels right, even when everybody rejects the opportunity of the relationship lasting.

The two of you have the strength to overcome all odds. You provide each other with comfort and the will to carry on regardless of difficulties. True love can overcome all barriers. And you know that you will be able to make it, though major obstacles have stood in the way.

It feels rights. You know you are sheltered and protected. You feel alive only in each other’s presence. The love between the two of you is the only thing that can make you happy. All these signals show you that it is real.

Non-Verbal Communication

The manner in which you communicate can also tell you if you are experiencing the real thing.

You two have no need for words. Non-verbal communication makes you feel comfortable instead of awkward.

You know what your partner needs and wants without any words being spoken. The two of you have the ability to complete each other’s sentences and to remain silent together for hours.

Perfectly Comfortable with Each Other

True love makes two people perfectly comfortable in each other’s presence. You can never be embarrassed or hurt by your partner.

You accept each other. You know your partner’s faults and bad habits. You are perfectly fine with them. Your partner accepts you the same way and loves both your virtues and imperfections.

The two of you can act perfectly natural in each other’s presence. No need to act. No need to be somebody you are not. Love is genuine and simple. Your relations evolve naturally – no stress or forcefulness.

True love makes you unable to live and breathe without your partner. It is impossible to explain, yet perfectly natural. You feel like you have known each other forever. The feeling is here to stay. When it is real, you will recognize it. Take your time and enjoy the process, true love will reveal itself when the moment is right.