The Most Important Health Benefits of Quitting Sugar

The Most Important Health Benefits of Quitting Sugar

The main problem of sugar consumption is that we fail understanding that we are eating sugar in much larger quantities than the body’s actual needs. The excessive intake of sugar can lead to numerous health problems and risks. Though sweets are quite tempting, the health benefits of quitting sugar are enormous.

Excessive consumption of sugar is very harmful, when it comes to adults, and detrimental in the case of children. Sugar is related to various conditions that can potentially be life-threatening. So, what can you expect if you decide to give up processed sweets? Here are the most important health benefits of quitting sugar.

The Health Benefits of Quitting Sugar: Lower Your Diabetes Risk

Minimizing the amount of sugar we intake diminishes the risk of diabetes.

Diabetes risk increases with the high consumption of refined sugar. It enters the bloodstream and the level of blood sugar increases sharply.

The pancreas immediately begins producing more insulin, which lowers the level of blood sugar. Its activity can lead to a very sharp decrease in blood sugar and the body has to now use its storage of glycogen to increase the blood sugar level. This mechanism cannot function over long periods of time.

Consuming too much sugar over a long period of time hinders the activity of the pancreas and the blood sugar level remains high. This is when diabetes develops.

Maintain Healthy Weight

Obesity and the excessive consumption of sugar are directly related. Minimizing the intake of sugar will help you stay fit and feel good in your own body.

Obesity and the accumulation of access weight is very common among people who consume large amounts of sweets and artificially sweetened beverages.

When it enters the body, some sugar is stored in the liver in the form of glycogen. The excessive amounts are turned into fatty acids, which get stored in a layer underneath the skin. Too much sugar turns into fat, which accumulates in the body.

This is why cutting down the intake of sweets can help you maintain regular weight, even if you fail leading a very active lifestyle. And achieving a sugar-free diet is not that difficult.

Improve Oral Health

Since early age, we have been thought that eating too much candy can cause caries and tooth decay.

Tooth problems are probably the most obvious consequence of excessive sugar consumption. Sugar creates wonderful medium for the breeding of bacteria in the mouth cavity.

Children are very prone to tooth decay because of excessive sugar intake. They are constantly lured to try candy, lollipops, ice cream and sodas. The sugar in these products sticks to the teeth and remains there until bedtime.

Better Bone Health

Yes, minimized sugar consumption can affect bone health.

Sugar as nutrient contains solely calories. Keep in mind that this article discusses solely artificially added sugar. It does not concern natural sugars like the ones found in fruits.

To absorb excess sugar, the body starts utilizing its calcium, enzyme and vitamin reserves. Calcium is extracted from bones, which makes them more fragile and increases the chance of osteoporosis development.