Some of the Most Important Health Benefits of Kissing

Some of the Most Important Health Benefits of KissingWhat could be better than a pleasurable activity that brings health benefits? Few of us realize it, but apart from being immensely enjoyable, kissing is good for the health. There are numerous health benefits of kissing that all of us can easily get to enjoy. A kiss produces serious emotional impact. It affects various health aspects, both physical and psychological. Here are some of the most important health benefits of kissing.

Beauty Benefits and Kissing

Passionate kisses are healthy, scientific research confirms. One of the obvious benefits is the exercise that facial muscles get. An intense kiss improves circulation and acts as a form of ‘face fitness.’ This lovely exercise prevents the appearance of wrinkles and keeps the facial skin healthy and fresh. The intensity of a kiss determines the scale of this effect. A deep, French kiss involves nearly all face muscles.

Oral Health

Obviously, a kiss affects oral health. Believe it or not, a kiss prevents the appearance of tartar. Kissing stimulates saliva production and saliva plays the role of a cleaning fluid. It ‘washes’ away bacteria that otherwise remain in the mouth and cause various problems ranging from bad breath to cavities.

Stronger Immune Response

Kissing can also stimulate the immune system. When two people kiss, they exchange saliva. Some medics believe that this exchange of bodily fluids affects immunity. The exchange forces the organism to find new ways to deal with bacteria that enter it with the saliva of a partner.

The Health Benefits of Kissing: Psychological Wellbeing

Naturally, kissing results in various emotional and psychological health benefits. Most people know that passionate love making encourages the release of hormones that affect the mood and mental health of an individual. Research confirms that a passionate kiss leads to the release of similar hormones. Kissing decreases the stress level. The pleasant emotion is so powerful that it can counter all the stress and worries that pile up during the tiring work day. A long, passionate kiss results in emotional and physical satisfaction. It diminishes worry. Some people compare the effect of a kiss to the tranquility that results from the practice of yoga and meditation. The euphoric feeling that a kiss produces stimulates the brain and increases the sense of comfort and tranquility. Kissing is usually associated with strong intimacy and passion. It establishes a strong connection with a loved one and boosts psychological comfort and confidence.

Other Health Benefits of Kissing

A French kiss can burn some calories. It also leads to an adrenaline rush. Some researchers believe that kisses stimulate the cardiovascular system and diminish the risk of high blood pressure. Next time you kiss a loved one think about the power of the kiss. It will help you connect and it will make you happy. Apart from being one of the most intimate and binding activities, kissing is truly healthy. If you want young skin, healthy teeth and emotional tranquility, all you need to do is kiss each other more often. These are just some of the health benefits of kissing that increase the appeal of this amazingly pleasant and bonding experience. Photo courtesy of Ahmed Sinan