We all know that the liver is an important organ and keeping it healthy and functioning properly is crucial to maintaining overall health. Did you know that the food you consume can play a major role in liver health? Some products can make liver functioning more difficult. You should refrain from consuming such foods in order to give your liver a break from the usual load it is forced to deal with. Here is an overview of foods that affect liver functioning in both positive and negative ways.

Fresh juices as seen as one of the most beneficial liver foods. This is so especially in the case of carrot, apple, lemon and spinach juices. These fruits and vegetables have the ability to ‘clean’ your liver.
All fruits and vegetables are excellent liver foods. These are easy to process and contain a large spectrum of useful substances that facilitate the proper functioning of the liver. Try to select fruits and vegetables that are grown organically, without the use of pesticides. This is important since all of the toxins contained in non-organic production go directly to the liver and obstruct its functioning.

Beauty Bridge - Reveal Your Natural Beauty!A group of foods can aid significantly the detoxification process that takes place in the liver. These foods are rich in sulfur. Liver uses the sulfur molecule to take care of a wide range of pesticides and toxins. The foods that contain significant amounts of sulfur include garlic, onion, cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower. Such vegetables should be consumed raw, since thermal processing diminishes the amount of useful substances.

Cinnamon is one of the spices that can help for proper liver functioning.

All bee products can be used to help the liver stay healthy. Eating several teaspoons of honey each day is one extremely good and healthy habit.

Naturally, you should know which foods are enemies of liver health. Alcohol features among the top five of the harmful substances that you can burden your liver with. The liver is forced to deal with large amounts of toxins and obstructing its work additionally with alcoholic beverages will soon get your liver out of order.

Wheat flour is often responsible for the formation of gallstones and could contribute to the appearance of cirrhosis. It makes the functioning of the liver more problematic.

Refined rice, salt and sugar can also harm the liver. Try to replace these with brown rice, brown sugar (or honey) and sea salt. Keep salt to the absolute minimum.

Smoked and spicy meats can also harm the liver. Instead of selecting sour marinades, use lemon juice to make food tastier.

Limit the amount of fried foods, fatty meats and semi-cooked foods. It might also be a good idea to limit the intake of foods that contain artificial coloring and sweeteners.

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