A List of the Most Important First Date Dos and Dont's

A List of the Most Important First Date Dos and Dont's

First dates have etiquette of their own. Some venues, outfits and behavior patterns are perfectly acceptable, while others should be used solely if you never want to see that person again.

What is the best way to behave during a first date? Can you utilize a list of dos and don’ts that will help you impress your date and have a good time?

The first date dos and don’t are very intuitive and most people know all about them without even wondering. Being polite and maintaining a conversation is of key importance. Showing disrespect and boredom can never make things work.

These are some of the most important first date dos and don’ts.

The Most Important First Date Dos

Be on Time

Being on time should be one of your biggest priorities. Tardiness signifies disrespect. Nobody likes waiting for a person, who did not even bother to leave home early enough.

If major circumstances force you to be late, make sure that you give your date a call. Apologizing once you make it to the date venue 30 minutes later will probably be insufficient to appease an angry person.

Dress Appropriately

Selecting an appropriate outfit is another sign of respect for your date.

Make sure that the outfit you choose is appropriate for the date venue. Select clothes that you feel comfortable in and that reflect your personal style. Forget about clothing that is too revealing, casual or eccentric. Leave your black outfits home, as well.

Maintain a Pleasant Conversation

Knowing how to maintain a conversation during a first date is an art that you need to master.

Keep your date interested and engaged in the talk. Ask appropriate questions and demonstrate your interest in the person you are meeting.

Make Your Date Feel Comfortable

Most people feel uneasy during a first date. Do your best to make your date feel comfortable.

Laughter and being casual and open can help you break the ice. Show your date that you are down to earth and approachable.

Keep Eye Contact

Eye contact demonstrates you are interested and attracted in the person. Maintain eye contact while talking to your date.

Looking somewhere else, while discussing personal issues shows that you either lack interest or that you are hiding something. Let your eyes flirt and show the other person how special they are.

A List of First Date Dont’s

Talking Endlessly

Your date will certainly want to know more about you. Yet, never turn a dialogue into a monologue.

When you are being asked a question, answer without meandering and monopolizing the date. A person who is just getting to know you will lose interest if you keep ranting about irrelevant topics.

Take turns asking and answering questions. Talking endlessly is a major mistake.

Mentioning an Ex

Never mention an ex during a first date. No person likes being compared to somebody else or being reminded of your former lover’s qualities.

Asking Intimate Questions

Refrain from asking your date questions that could be seen as too intimate. Some topics should be approached once you get to know each other and your relationship evolves.

Keep sex out of the conversation. You will have enough time to discover the spicy details that interest you.


Refrain from trying to be someone you are not.

Many people feel unnatural during a first date, which in turn affects their behavior. Try to be yourself. This is the only way to get the person to like you for who you are.

Drinking too Much

Drinking too much during a first date is a definite no. Alcohol will make you act in unusual ways and will tear down all boundaries.

Keep yourself under control. Having a glass or two of wine is fine but try to keep the alcoholic beverage amount limited. You have a single chance to make a good first impression. Getting drunk signifies throwing that opportunity to the trash bin.