Six First Date Conversation Ideas to Break the Ice

A first date conversation has the power to determine whether a second date will ever occur. The chemistry between two people becomes obvious in the manner they speak and in the similar passions that they share. Do you know what the most appropriate first date conversation ideas are?

Some topics should never make their appearance during a first date. Staying safe and choosing pleasant conversation themes can help you both enjoy the date and learn more about each other.

Many people have difficulties deciding which first date topics are ‘safe.’ A general rule of thumb is that very intimate or potentially embarrassing topics should be left out of the conversation list.

Your date will probably like to discuss personal preferences and interests. Selecting topics that let a person talk about character and individuality will always be a wise choice. Here is a list of six great first date conversation ideas that will help you break the ice and get to know each other better.

Interests, Passions and Hobbies

Each person has interests and hobbies. Asking your date about favorite activities can help you get the conversation started.

When asking such questions, pay close attention to the response. It will help you determine other appropriate topics. Does the person have a sense of humor? What characteristics do you have in common? Or maybe your date is shy and needing some encouragement to talk?

Ask several basic questions to determine your date’s character. Once you have an idea about the other person, you can move on to other topics.

Music and Movie Preferences

Ask you date about favorite musicians and music styles – these are some of the safest and most intriguing first date conversation ideas. Contribute to the conversation by sharing your knowledge and describing your favorite artists.

You can also focus on favorite movies and actors. Films are something that everybody has an opinion about. Further, you can learn a lot about a person after you find out more about favorite cinema styles, actors and genres.

Friends and Family

Unless some inherent problems exist, people love to talk about their family and friends.

Ask your date about siblings and their home place. Most people love sharing childhood stories and fun little memories.

You can also ask about best friends and the relations your date has with others. The topic is vast and pleasing – it shows that you are truly interested in your date’s life, surroundings and closest people.


Talking about favorite vacation spots is another excellent and safe topic for a first date.

Find out where your date likes to go during the summer and winter. The selection of destinations will also help you learn a lot. Does the person like traditional spots? Or maybe your date prefers alternative locations and extreme vacation sports?


Ask your date about pets because this is one of the safest and most intriguing first date conversation ideas.

Even if the person has no favorite animal at the moment, chances are that they had a pet while growing up. You can talk about care, pet products or fun experiences you may have had as a pet owner.

Some people dislike animals. If the case is such, move on to another topic.

Career and Professional Interests

Ask your date about professional occupation and future plans.

Most people love to discuss their professional plans for the future, their goals and ambitions. Encourage your date to share and make sure that your interest is evident.

Always listen and look for small hints about safe topics. Learning how to read the responses of your date will help you determine which themes will be suitable. Be flexible and readjust the conversation, if necessary. If you fail discovering common interests, do not blame yourself. Do your best to maintain the conversation lively and determine whether you and your date have the chance to build a relationship.