Dating with STDs and How to Tell Your Partner about It

The topic of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) can leave very few people unaffected and comfortable. The situation is even more troublesome when you have to tell ex-partners and your currently loved one about an STD that you have. Dating with STDs adds a new layer of anxiety to the whole process.

How do you break the news? Is there any way to make the situation less awkward and embarrassing than it is expected to be?

The fact is that you have to be responsible and open enough to break the news to people you have had sexual relationships with. Fear, shame and uneasiness will stand in the way but you have to do the right thing, even if the confession makes you feel sick.

Take a deep breath, calm down and follow these steps in order to inform current and former partners about an STD.

Dating with STDs and Open Communication: Deal with the Fear

Fear is the main sentiment that stands in the way of acting responsibly. Will your current partner scorn you? Maybe you will lose the love that you currently have because of that STD?

Stop worrying. Telling your partner is the right thing. This way you will show that you care enough to protect another human being from the condition that you have.

In fact, making the confession will demonstrate that you want to be honest and responsible in your relationship. Nothing could be more desirable. Honesty is likely to increase the proximity between the two of you, instead of driving you apart.

Be a Responsible Human Being

Informing your current and former partners about an STD makes you a responsible person. Otherwise you will suffer guilty-conscience and the thought that others are suffering because of you.

Contacting your exes will certainly be awkward. Many people will fear the reaction and possible scorn.

Remember that there is nothing to fear. These people are no longer part of your life. All you have to do is worn them and then once again forget about their existence. When it comes to informing your current partner, things stand in a different way. Think about it. You would not want to start a new relationship with a lie. Honesty is the only way to go.

Learn More about STDs

Before you talk to your partner, read and research the issue. You should know what the condition is, its main symptoms and the treatment methods.

Learn more about your STD. knowing what is going on will help you answer questions adequately.

Just Get It Done

You have decided to tell ex partners and your loved one about an STD that you have. Be frank. You have already made up your mind, now you have to select the most appropriate moment to break the news.

When you tell your current partner, you have to be comfortable and certain enough. You can talk at the end of the day, during your alone time. Select the place and time that make you feel most comfortable.

Contacting exes over the phone is probably the most painless option. Do not cheat, you will have to talk to everyone. Even if you ended a relationship in a bad way, you will have to overcome your pride and fear and contact the person once again.

Prepare to Answer Common Questions

Your partner will probably be shocked by the news. The reaction is normal and should not trouble you. Give some time for the information to settle in.

Once your partner understands what you are saying, you will probably receive some additional questions. Be ready to answer these. In order to calm down your partner, you have to do your homework.

If the person really loves you, your honesty and the fact that you confessed an STD will leave your relations unaffected or will eventually increase proximity. Whatever happens, you know which is the right thing to do. Be brave. Confessing an STD is not something scary. Try to overcome your natural uneasiness and inform your loved one and ex-partners of the situation.