Common Signs of Falling in Love with Someone

Love is such a powerful feeling that it changes the emotional status and the behavior of an individual. It is very easy to tell when someone is falling in love.

We have all seen the little, fun cartoons that depict characters in love. Apart from the red hearts flying above the character’s head, most of it is realistic though overly-simplified. The dreamy state that love sends a person into can be recognized effortlessly.

What are the common signs of falling in love with someone? Can you tell if the person is experiencing this major and life-defining feeling or whether it is a momentary attraction? Here’s what to look out for.

A State of Constant Dreaminess

A person is love is constantly involved in day dreaming.

Even if the individual is usually down to earth and very serious, love has the power to change all that. It sends a person into a blissful state of fantasizing.

People in love have difficulties focusing or taking their thoughts away from their subject of affection. They seem to be possessed and they very much are, though in a good way.

Finding it Difficult to Be Apart

It has been only five minutes since your friend has said goodbye to his girlfriend. He misses her already. He is in desperate need of feeling her right by his side.

People in love feel that the world will stop turning if the one they hold the feeling for is gone. The distance between two lovers seems to be tremendous. They become sad and depressed, waiting for the next meeting with that special person.

Being Totally Distracted

People in love are distracted. Their mind wonders all the time and they have excessive hardship performing their daily tasks and routines.

For a person in love, the work day appears to be tremendously long. All the work that has to be performed becomes more complex than usual. The person has difficulties concentrating on that specific activity.

All the energy and thoughts of a person in love are directed towards one very special person. Everything else begins holding secondary importance.

Thinking about a Future Together

Major differences between a love and a flirt exist and anyone who has experienced both will be able to explain.

A person in love is able to think of a future together. The thought of building a family and spending every minute in the company of that very special person seems to be comforting and encouraging rather than frightening.

People in love make plans about the future. They can imagine growing old with their significant other. If the feeling is any less intense, it will result in no such major life-defining plans.

A Focus on One’s Appearance

When it is love, a person starts paying extra attention to the appearance. Nice clothes, perfume and accessories make it to the scene.

A person, who is falling for another person, wants to impress and stand out from the crowd. This is equally true for men and women.

All of the sudden, these people begin exploring their appearance and looking for ways to improve it. As the feeling grows and evolves, this urge will subside. Yet, the early stages of love are associated to special efforts directed towards an amazing appearance.

Love transforms individuals. The power of this emotion provides them with the strength and energy needed to impress the one that they love. The feeling is easy to notice. Love changes everything about a person.

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